Analyze The Life Of Solar Street Light

Why is the solar street light very bright in front, but not very bright in the middle of the night?

Recently, some customers asked me why the solar street light I installed was very bright when it was dark at night, but only slightly bright after midnight. What happened? Don’t worry, let’s analyze it.Led solar street light


If you’re new to the installation and this happens that night, it could be the result of a low battery. In order to transport safety, the battery power of general solar street lamps is not satisfied when they leave the factory, and then the electricity will be consumed in the process of transport. Finally, by the time you install it, the battery may have little power, so that it will be very bright at the beginning, and then it will be slightly bright or even not bright. This situation we just need to wait for the next day after the dawn of the day after the charge of the general will be normal.

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If it has been installed for a period of time, every night is very bright in the first few hours and only slightly bright in the rear, it may be that the total capacity of the battery is insufficient or there is a problem with the parameter adjustment of the controller. In order to ensure the running time of solar street lamp, the controller can adjust the power according to the battery quantity or adjust the power according to the fixed time. For example, if the battery is low, the controller will turn down the output power and keep the light on for longer. But if the capacity of the battery is insufficient, that is to say, the battery must be in a state of low power at the back of the time, the controller will turn down the power, and the light source is not very bright, and there will be very bright in front of the solar street lamp, and it is not very bright in the middle of the night. In this case, we need to take apart the battery to see what capacity it has, to see if it matches the solar panel and the light source or if the battery is aging and has insufficient capacity. If the problem is determined to be the battery, you can only replace the battery. But if there is no problem with the battery, it may be that the controller parameters are wrong, and the parameters are too low in the second half of the night, so we have to ask the manufacturer to adjust the parameters again.

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Now, do you know why the solar street light outdoor is very bright in front of you, but not very bright in the middle of the night? If you have more questions about solar street lights, please come to HOLSO Solar Energy Consulting.

How long is the life of solar street lights? Can it be used at the end of its life?

Recently, some customers have asked me how long the solar light for yard can be used and how long their life is, and so on. Now I would like to give a unified reply.

solar light and solar lights and solar light outdoor and solar street light and solar light for yard 

The life of the solar street lamp is determined by the accessories with the shortest life. The accessories of the solar street lamp are mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, batteries, light sources and lamp poles. The service life of the solar panel is more than 20 years, after 20 years, the solar panel only has a certain light decline (about 30%), but it can continue to use; Then is the controller, so the general life of about 8~10 years, specific look inside the electronic original and the use of the environment; Then is the battery, the past solar street light is generally used in colloidal lead-acid battery, the service life of this battery is about 3 years, generally fast to the life of the lead-acid battery may be very serious aging, capacity even basic 10% can not reach, basic can not meet the demand for lighting. And now most of the use of battery is the use of lithium battery, lithium battery resistance to high and low temperature properties than lead acid colloidal battery excellent, cycle times than lead acid colloidal battery, deep discharge can reach more than 2000 times, so the service life of lithium battery can have more than 5 years; Light source now solar street lamps are LED light source, good LED light source life can reach more than 11 years; The final light pole can last more than 20 years if it is hot-dip galvanized and rust resistant.

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To sum up, the main factor restricting the life of solar street lamps is the battery, which is the first to be damaged in normal use. At this time you do not have to worry, only need to replace the battery after the solar street lamp can be used normally. At this time, I can recommend the universal maintenance lamp head of our Nande Solar energy. It has its own battery, plus the controller with MPPT, and can adapt to the solar panels of various voltages without special supporting, and also has a light source. All the accessories are highly integrated. Replacement is also very convenient, just connect the solar panel line after the universal maintenance lamp cap on the lamp arm can work normally.

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Therefore, the general life of solar street lights is 5 to 8 years, but most accessories can be used normally, just replace the battery. If you can’t choose a battery, you can choose our solar street light from HOLSO, which is fast and convenient !!!

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