5 Questions About Solar Flood Lights

what is outdoor solar flood light?

Solar flood light is a solar-powered light fixture that integrates lighting and decoration, and belongs to the garden light series.

The lamp body and the solar panel are connected by wires, and the installation is more flexible. The solar panel can be installed outdoors, and the lamp body can be installed indoors. You can mount it on the wall and use the remote to control it!


How to turn on led solar flood light?

First of all, you need to connect the wire and adjust the angle of the solar panel. When the led light bead flashes, it means that it is charging. When night falls, use the remote control to control the power on or off of the solar floodlight!


How to install a solar flood light led ?

Our products are packaged with installation screws, but you need to make holes on the wall yourself, adjust the angle of the solar panel and the light body, connect the wires, and the led light starts to flash, indicating that the battery is being charged, and the installation is complete!


How much is 300 watt solar flood light?

Holso cheapest 300w solar flood light only needs usd25/pc, we can also provide high quality solar flood lamp with aluminum casing and portable solar flood light.


What is the brightest commercial solar flood light?

First of all, you need to know that the battery capacity of the led outdoor solar flood light is limited, the brighter the adjustment, the faster the battery will be consumed, so the larger the battery capacity, the brighter the solar flood light can be adjusted. But the size of the battery capacity must match the size of the solar panel! If you need to buy a brighter and longer-lasting solar flood light, your first choice is an aluminum shell smart solar flood light, which will have better heat dissipation!

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