Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic—HOLSO

Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic | With Power Bank Fun Ction Portable—HOLSO

After the cold winter, the hot summer is coming. For summer, what is indispensable is the hot summer, delicious and sweet fruits, and the accompanying heat. In many countries, summer is hot and dry, especially in cities, where the building density is high. If there is no air circulation, the whole city will be very hot and humid.  Today, I would like to recommend HOLSO amazing rechargeable solar fan attic with power bank fun ction portable. News on July 22, 2019, according to media reports, the United States, the 20th And the sweltering heat on the 21st, the daytime temperature in several major cities approached 38 degrees Celsius, and the heat wave has killed at least 6 people! die. Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic With Power Bank Fun Ction Portable

So how do you get rid of the heat? At this time, everyone may invariably think that a household appliance is an electric fan. With the development of science and technology, today’s human beings are increasingly pursuing energy saving and environmental protection. Then came an amazing product – the solar electric fan.

Unlike coal, oil and other non-renewable energy sources, solar energy is a truly inexhaustible energy source. And solar power generation is absolutely clean and does not cause pollution.  Therefore, solar energy is called the ideal energy source.

So how does a solar fan work?

Next, I will explain the functional principle of the solar electric fan:

  1. Overview of the function of solar electric fans The solar panel is to pass the light energy of the sun through the silicon light sheet, convert the light energy into electrical energy, and rotate the energized coil under force in the magnetic field. Electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy, and because of the resistance of the coil, some of it is converted to heat energ
  2. Working principle Solar electric fans convert the light energy of sunlight into electrical energy, so that the blades of the fan rotate and generate wind, but why do people feel cool? Because there is a lot of sweat on the surface of the human body, when the blades of the fan rotate, the air will flow, and the flow of air can promote the rapid evaporation of human sweat, and a large amount of heat will be evaporated and absorbed, so people will feel cool.

As a leader in the solar products industry, holso launches different emerging products every year to meet the needs of our customers around the world. Facing the coming summer, next, we will recommend our summer products for you

Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic | With Power Bank Fun Ction Portable—HOLSOThe model of this product in the picture is HS-118

The holso solar electric fan and the 12-inch portable floor fan used in the dormitory outdoor are very convenient. As long as the sun exists, you are not afraid of the fan being out of power. It is very convenient for outdoor, warehouse, household, stall, or car. The solar panel cable is 5 meters long. Put the solar panel outside, pull the cable indoors, plug it in and find the fan to charge it and use it, or you can use it while charging. It can also be used wirelessly, the 24-hour breeze is inseparable, the built-in 12000mah lithium battery has strong battery life, and the light body is lightly lifted, so you can enjoy the natural wind anytime, anywhere at home and outdoors. 130-degree pitch adjustment, you can feel the coolness of the wind from a long distance.

Advantages: Button panel, easy to operate, thick adjustment handle, can easily adjust the pitch angle of the fixed fan, anti-vibration foot pad, effectively reduce the vibration of the fan during operation.

Outdoors: Outdoor camping, you can enjoy delicious food while having a picnic while blowing the cool breeze brought by solar fans, making camping more comfortable for your family.

Inside the car: During the long journey to the destination, the solar fan placed in the car will blow a refreshing cool breeze, and you can also take a nap during the hot summer journey.

Family: Brushless DC motor, ultra-quiet can bring the feeling of natural wind, the wireless charging of solar fans is safe, convenient and worry-free, no longer worry about the safety of children playing with electricity.

Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic With Power Bank Fun Ction PortableThe white solar fan in the picture, its model is HS-198

Its power is 25w, the size of the solar fan is: 16 inches, 120cm high, 45cm wide, the size of the solar panel is: 400*350mm, many are from Korea of customers like this product very much, the design of the fan is very classic, the whole body is white and very good-looking, the wind force of the fan is also very strong, you can shake your head, and the quality is also very good. practical. The fan does not vibrate when it is working, and it rotates very stably.

This solar electric fan has been newly upgraded, with front and rear double ball bearings, pure copper winding, built-in cooling fan imported carbon brush, super long life, high speed and strong torque, large arc fan blade design, improved performance, small wind resistance, wide-angle air supply , easily cover a larger space.

Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic | With Power Bank Fun Ction Portable—HOLSOThe model of this solar desktop electric fan from Holso is HS-128

16 inches, three-speed adjustable wind speed, simple button operation, first-speed sleep wind, second-speed soft wind, third-speed natural wind, wide-angle shaking head, shaking head on both sides 90 It adopts DC motor with stable operation and low noise, and the strong DC motor has long battery life. The peak season for solar fans is June/July/August. Now you can buy more styles to choose from, and the price is more stable.

We believe that with the company of HOLSO solar fans, you will spend a cool summer!Amazing Rechargeable Solar Fan Attic | With Power Bank Fun Ction Portable

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