Commercial solar street light Q&A

What is a smart solar street light? Solar street lights are mainly composed of solar panels, rechargeable batteries, light sources, controllers and poles. The solar panels convert the sun’s radiation ability into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. After dark, the battery powers the LED and lights up the lighting.

Which solar street light is the best?

As long as the solar street light model that suits you is the best, the focus of solar street lights you need to pay attention to is the capacity of the battery and the size of the solar panel. However, it is not that the larger the battery capacity, the better. Under the condition that the solar panel remains unchanged, if the battery capacity you choose is too large, the battery will not be fully charged, causing waste and increasing your purchase cost. Our suggestion is to increase the size of the solar panel and Appropriately increase the capacity of the battery. You can contact us and tell me: the time you need light at night, the area that needs to be illuminated and your budget, we can recommend the best solution for you!

Where can I buy solar street light ip65?

I’m glad you found us holso, we can provide you with the most suitable automatic solar street light, we will give you the best solution according to your budget! We have factories in Guangdong and Zhejiang, China, and we have professional technicians to provide you with the most professional lighting solutions!

How much does it cost to install a solar street light?

First of all, you need to buy a set of solar street light lamp, such as holso’s 300w solar street lights, the cost of buying a set plus shipping is about usd100. Our set of 300w solar street light kit includes a solar street light lamp head, the lamp head has a built-in 25A battery, a solar Board 25w, a mounting rod and matching screws for mounting, and a remote.
Yes, if you buy in bulk, ocean shipping can drastically reduce your purchasing costs!

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