Daily maintenance and maintenance measures of solar street lights

Daily maintenance and maintenance measures of solar street lights


First, solar street lights controller inspection and maintenance, he affects the system lighting time and brightness changes. For solar street lamps system components have different life, control of brightness and illumination time is primarily a battery and solar street lamps controller, if found that street lamp lighting time is not enough, should first check the battery power, at the same time check the solar street light controller, the controller of each manufacturer has manual, usually with work status display lights, Based on this, we can preliminarily judge whether the solar street lamp system is working normally.

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Two, the daily maintenance of solar panels. Solar panel is the key component to provide energy for solar street lamp system, so it is necessary to ensure that the solar panel is complete, clean and good light receiving. To prevent damage to the solar panel by hard objects or sharp objects, it is forbidden to throw debris on the solar panel, the price of solar street light 50 watts, regular cleaning inspection, for the shelter of the solar panel branches and so on to timely repair.

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Three, the maintenance of solar battery. Mainly includes the one is the idea to guard against theft, the second is to check the charge and discharge is normal – such as solar street light system can be reference to solar street lamps controller working condition carries on the preliminary judgment, at the same time can check the battery charge and discharge power level, integration of solar street light, it is strictly prohibited to adjust the working state of the solar street light controller, avoid overshoot and discharge of storage battery.

Help you answer some questions about low-power solar lightsDaily inspection of solar street light source. This is the easy one. First of all, hard objects and sharp objects should be strictly prohibited from hitting, and at the same time, the working state of the light source should be checked regularly. Rural solar street lamps should be repaired in time once individual lamps are found not bright. To avoid damage to the whole lamp.


Five, the inspection and maintenance of solar lamp poles and accessories. Pay particular attention to street lamp to check the door installation configuration must be complete, after the damage and loss to make up, because the internal with solar street light controller and related line, easy to cause short circuit and damage, after the rain in the wire because pulled open cause breach, seriously affect the service life of the solar street light system.

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To sum up, solar street lamps may have some problems more or less in long-term use. When the solar street lamp does not light, we must find out the reason, so as to avoid unnecessary impact. We can troubleshoot the cause of its failure by configuring detection, and in many cases, we can handle it ourselves.

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