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How to choose a ceiling light? Warm little guide for you.

The editor thinks: in the space where the atmosphere is more important, such as the living room and dining room, choose the chandelier; in the living area with limited space height, such as the top of the bedroom bed, choose the ceiling light, otherwise you may hit your head. For example, we chose a ceiling light for the master bedroom of our own home, so I would like to share with you the new summary of the ceiling light strategy. Come and watch it with me!

①The shape should be simple

How to choose a ceiling light?

As far as the decoration style is concerned, the simple-shaped ceiling lights are more versatile, and do not choose the decoration style. While the shape is simple, if you are a little careful, it will give people a sense of low-key and design.

My ceiling light is minimalist. Overall white, no frills. Through the concave and convex feeling in the shape, it makes people feel that there is a little difference in the simplicity.

②The lightshade should be fully enclosed

The bottom of the lightshade of the ceiling light in my house was movable. In summer, a lot of mosquitoes got into the lightshade, and there were small black spots when the light was turned on. Keep cleaning and keep feeding, very

Therefore, the ceiling light should be completely enclosed. Mosquitoes can’t get in, so you don’t have to fight mosquitoes anymore.

③ To choose three shades of light

We choose the ceiling light, on the one hand because the ceiling light is easy to take care of, and on the other hand because of the three-tone light of the ceiling light. Although 3000-3500K is usually recommended for bedrooms, everyone has their own preferences. When I read books or watch dramas in the bedroom every day, I like to set it to natural white light; when I need to give the baby a sense of atmosphere before going to bed, I will turn on the warm yellow for a while to remind the baby that it is about to go to sleep.

④Select the one without flickerHow to choose a ceiling light?

Share a newly learned tip for checking stroboscopic: Turn on the mobile phone and aim the light when turning on the light: if the mobile phone has vertical stripes, it means there is stroboscopic; if the mobile phone is stable, it means that there is no stroboscopic; no stroboscopic light is more eye-friendly .

⑤ To choose a good LED light beads

The light source of the ceiling light is mainly LED, but the quality of LED is uneven. A better LED, the light beads are processed by lens encapsulation, and the light that comes out is more stable and soft. Almost LED, the light sheet is exposed, the stability of the light source and the safety of electricity consumption are difficult to guarantee.

⑥The mask is made of acrylic

There are mainly two types of masks on the market: PVC and acrylic.

The material of the PVC mask is easy to age and has a short service life. The acrylic mask material has good light transmittance and long service life.

Lights don’t take up much space in a bedroom space, but they are very important in creating ambience and bedroom lighting. In the cold seasons of autumn and winter, turning on a warm light can warm up our small home.

About the tips for choosing ceiling lights, I will share them here in this issue, I hope it can be helpful to you!

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