How To Choose The Best Solar Garden Lights?

Which aspects are more reliable to start with when purchasing solar garden lights?

Solar garden lamp can usually be used for villa courtyard, hotel courtyard, garden landscape, park scenic area, district road and other areas of lighting. Solar garden lights not only provide basic outdoor lighting, but also beautify the landscape and shape the night environment. Do a good job of outdoor scene lighting, choose good lamps and lanterns is the foundation. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a solar garden light?How to choose a solar garden light?

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The system configuration of the solar garden lamp affects the stability of the lamp. We should consider the battery capacity and the design of the peak wattage of the photovoltaic module when purchasing the lamp. In addition, we should pay attention to the normal use of solar garden lights in bad weather. Therefore, the quality of solar garden lights is one of the key factors. The quality of the solar garden lamp is closely related to the quality of the component, so the choice of the solar garden lamp can start from the component. Components of solar garden lamp: lamp bead, controller, battery, panel, lamp pole, etc.

solar garden light and solar light and led solar light and solar light garden and solar light led

  1.  Light source selection, solar street lamps usually choose LED light source, single lamp power 1W, the watt of the lamp is related to the lamp bead.
  2. Solar panels, solar panels are divided into single crystal and polycrystalline, single crystal stability is good, photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, is currently the highest in all solar cells, and the battery life is longer than the polycrystalline, but the price of single crystal is more expensive than the polycrystalline. Purchase can be selected according to the measured area, the larger the area, the greater the battery power.
  3. Solar cells. Colloidal and lithium batteries are commonly used in solar cells, and lead-acid batteries are rare. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive but can be used many times and last three to five times longer than colloidal batteries.
  4. solar product
  5. The controller, the controller determines the lamp lighting time, charge time, and the voltage of charge and discharge and power supply current, is the intelligent switch of the lamp, so the controller will also affect the service life of the lamp.
  6. Solar garden lamp pole, solar street lamp pole to consider the height of the lamp pole, the shape of the lamp pole, the higher the height, the more expensive, the more complex the shape, the price will be higher.

solar garden light and solar light and led solar light and solar light garden and solar light led

Finally, we suggest that we try to choose better quality solar garden lights, especially for villa courtyard, hotel courtyard lighting places, because the poor quality of lamps and lanterns are prone to problems, such as short brightness time, battery capacity is not enough, rust components, etc., affect the use experience. Solaraxy smart Lighting focus on villa and hotel courtyard intelligent lighting, independent research and development of solar intelligent garden lamp, using large capacity lithium battery, IP66 waterproof and dustproof grade, die-cast aluminum lamp body, C4H Marine anti-corrosion standard, can be used in more severe environment. The lamp is controlled by the APP intelligent system, bluetooth one-button networking, can realize remote control, personalized Settings, automatic scenes, centralized management and other functions, easy to create personalized, intelligent digital villa courtyard lighting.

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