Manufacturers Remind You to Make a Budget When Buying Solar Street Lights

Manufacturers remind you to make a budget when buying solar street lights

Nowadays, there are many kinds of solar street lights on the market, and the quality and price of each manufacturer are not the same. How to quickly and accurately buy the right solar street lights for you, the solar street light manufacturer Sichuan Holso Science And Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you to make a good budget important.


So how do clients go about budgeting? First of all, you must clearly know whether you want to buy solar street lights or city circuit lights. Although solar street lights save energy and electricity in the later stage, there is no electricity cost, but there is still a big difference in the initial investment cost of the two.

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And know how much you need. Because for many solar street lamp manufacturers, if the customer wants a larger quantity, the price will be reduced a little more on the normal sales price, or the manufacturer will bear the freight and other preferential activities.

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In addition, general customers will know what kind of solar street light they want to buy before consulting the manufacturer, such as how high the light pole is, how much power of the lamp head, and if it is a solar street light, the daily lighting time and the number of rainy days should be considered. If you don’t know these, it doesn’t matter, you can tell the manufacturer about your own situation, such as where to install, how many meters of road width, whether it is installed on one side or on both sides, what kind of requirements for brightness, etc. In this case, the solar street light manufacturer will recommend a suitable configuration for you.

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After determining these, you also need to know whether the light source is LED lamp head, energy-saving lamp or sodium lamp, and the price of light source is different. And a good configuration budget will be relatively high.

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At the same time, there is also the freight cost of solar street lights. This should be negotiated with the manufacturer to make it clear whether the manufacturer bears or the customer bears. If the customer bears it, the freight cost should also be added to the budget.

Installation and construction costs are also part of the budget, such as the length of construction time, the number of personnel, and salaries.


Solar street light manufacturers remind everyone to prepare a budget before purchasing, so that you can buy the most economical street lights within your budget.

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