Overview of Solar Landscape Lights

Overview of Solar Landscape Lights

Since the appearance of solar landscape light, it has subverted people’s understanding of street lighting.

solar landscape light1In people’s impression, LED street light has always been a representative of simple structure and huge power consumption. According to statistics, street lighting in China accounts for more than 10 percent of the country’s electricity output each year. It has long been thought that if that 10% of electricity could be saved and used for development elsewhere, it would be a great innovation. With the advent of solar-powered landscape lights, this idea is finally becoming a reality.

Solar landscape lamp lights as the name implies, it is to use solar energy to energy supply, this is not to say do not need electricity solar landscape lamp, solar landscape lamp work essentially or electricity, solar landscape lamp with power only by its own carry the energy of the solar panels absorb sunlight, and translated into electrical energy, So there’s no need to use mains electricity.

Now the solar landscape light has undoubtedly become the first choice to replace the traditional street lamp.

Solar landscape lamp itself has the advantages of “energy saving, safety, longsolar outdoor decorative lights service life, simple maintenance, automatic control”, which makes it has a very high cost performance, is the priority choice of road lighting project in most areas.

HOLSO solar landscape lights, unless customers have special requirements, under normal circumstances unified LED light source. Because LED light sources have high conversion efficiency, in other words, LED light sources can achieve higher brightness while using less power. This also makes the solar landscape lamp in the configuration of the configuration helps to reduce the cost, but also makes the solar power panel area is relatively reduced, so that the safety performance and beauty of the solar landscape lamp can be greatly improved. In terms of battery.

HOLSO lighting uses two schemes.

solar flame lightOne is the use of maintenance-free colloidal battery, the advantage of this scheme is that the cost of solar landscape lamp will be slightly lower, the disadvantage is that the volume of maintenance-free colloidal battery is larger, the need for additional equipment such as buried box, installation is more complex;

The second solution is to use lithium battery, the advantage of using lithium battery is that the volume and weight of lithium battery is very small, can be installed directly on the lamp pole, very convenient, and the service life of lithium battery is longer than the maintenance free colloidal battery; The downside is that lithium-ion batteries can be slightly more expensive. In addition, we will also hot-dip galvanizing and plastic spraying and other processing processes, in order to ensure the beauty of the lamp pole at the same time as far as possible to ensure the anti-corrosion and service life of the lamp pole.

Holso solar light is the best solar product.

A few years ago, when the solar landscape lamp just appeared in people’s sight, it has attracted a large number of people’s attention, but because of the price of the solar landscape lamp and its novelty, and it has no contrast, people who pay attention to it often feel novel more than the whole purchase of people. With the passage of time, the application of solar landscape lamp is more and more, more and more in-depth in People’s Daily life.

Until now, has brought people a new life experience of the use of solar landscape lamp now has reached the very popular effect, solar landscape lamp is very different compared with the ordinary street lamp of facilities, solar landscape lamp on the exterior design is more beautiful, delicate, and the practicability of solar landscape lamp is better. Even if the solar landscape lamp has many advantages, but before using it, whether it is the manufacturer of solar landscape lamp or the user, it is still necessary to think about and measure the technical parameters, so as to ensure that the use of solar landscape lamp can be maintained in a stable state.Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Motion Sensor Sound Alert Flash Security Siren Alarm Strobe Warning Lamp Lights For Pasture Farm

HOLSO lighting in this area has been attached great importance to, HOLSO lighting has been that the product is not produced, sold it has nothing to do with yourself, so, HOLSO in solar landscape lamp lighting products in the process of production, each procedure, each component parameters are closely calculated, research, and the control, Make sure there are no problems with the product itself. Because of the particularity of solar landscape lamp work, these parameters must be mastered.

Solar landscape lamp and solar street lamp, solar garden lamp and other solar outdoor lighting structures are similar.

The basic components are pretty much the same. In general, it isled solar garden light composed of several parts, such as solar power panel, solar battery, controller, lamp pole, lamp cap and floor cage. The main difference is that the production technology of its lamp pole and lamp cap is different. The main role of solar landscape lamp is still for lighting, so in the design for the stiffness of the lamp pole, wind resistance performance and other safety aspects are considered more;

The main role of the solar landscape lamp is to beautify the environment, coupled with the landscape lamp itself is generally low, so in the design of the solar landscape lamp pole, consider more will be the shape of the pole, the shape of the solar landscape lamp do all beautiful.

Solar landscape lamp after the rapid development of these years, has been rid of the beginning of the monotonous. Not only is modelling and design more rich and changeful, and applicable range also increased greatly. Initially, solar landscape lights were used only to light roads, but the technology has matured over time. Now the solar landscape lamp, has not only applied to the road lighting, as well as squares, parks, docks, airports, stadiums and other open places, have the shadow of the solar landscape lamp.

The goal of solar landscape lamp itself is to save energy and reduce carbon, green and clean,

solar landscape lampso the use of solar power generation technology in energy, in the choice of light source, but also to pursue this goal. Due to the high energy waste rate of traditional light sources, their power must be designed to achieve sufficient lighting effect. The traditional light source is not very suitable for the solar landscape lamp system because of the limited energy supply and the pursuit of clean and energy saving effect. So, are there light sources suitable for solar landscape lights? The answer is, of course, in all the light sources at present, suitable for the solar landscape lamp system is LED light source, LED light source is the fourth generation of new light source just popular in recent years, it has high energy conversion efficiency, and will not produce pollution, is in line with the solar landscape lamp system and its pursuit of effect. In order to achieve the desired brightness, the LED light source only needs a little more than half of the power of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. In this way, the power generation system of solar landscape lamp does not need to be very large, the overall shape can be more perfect, and the safety performance can also be greatly improved.

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