All In One Solar Street Light

Product Introduction

This is a large super bright street lamp, waterproof grade IP65, wide irradiation range, enough energy storage, we have the best quality and the most favorable price

All In One Solar Street Light Factory Wholesale

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all in one solar street light
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all in one led solar street light
all in one solar street light manufacturer
all in one solar street light
solar street light outdoor

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All In One Solar Street Light Detail

The all-in-one intelligent IP65 solar street light is equipped with body sensor radar, light sensor system and remote control. We can control and adjust street lamps in many ways, which is easy to use. And the use of high-quality polysilicon solar panels, solar energy conversion efficiency is higher, longer power supply.

Our solar street lamp is equipped with 280 SMD5730 high quality beads, with ultra wide irradiation range, ultra high brightness, ultra long service life. And there is no need to worry about thunderstorms, using the waterproof effect of IP65, so it can still be used in such harsh conditions. This integrated solar street lamp has a built-in 15,000mAh large capacity battery, which can power the street lamp for a long time. The street lamp adopts remote control mode and can be controlled in a range of 8M.

There are four adjustable modes of the all in one led solar street light: 1: timed off for 2 hours; 2: timed off for 4 hours; 3: timed off for 6 hours ; 4: normally open mode.

This solar street lamp is equipped with high sensitivity and high quality human body sensing probe, sensing range can reach 3~8 meters, street lamp brightness can also be adjusted intelligently, automatic work. It recharges itself during the day and works for us at night.

This integrated solar street lamp is suitable for factory, village, residential area, park, gate, road, internal and external seismic design is more stable, ABS material is more durable, arbitrary adjustment of the irradiation Angle, energy saving and environmental protection, no wiring, zero electricity, easy installation and low maintenance cost.

We also sell solar street light poles, which are easy to assemble in a set. And we are the best solar light manufacturerur, because the solar street light price are the most competitive and the best in quality.

All In One Solar Street Light Parameter

Model                       C-300W C-200W    C-120W
LED Beads SMD 280PCS 5730SMD 210PCS 5730SMD 140PCS 5730
Product Size  728*250*58mm 628*248*58mm 520*228*58mm
Solar Panel6V 15W 6V 12W  6V 8W
Battery3.2v 15000mA  3.2v 12000mA      3.2v 10000mA
Charging Duration 5~8H
Lighting Time>10Hours
Inductive Distance   3-8m
Illumination Range100㎡ 70m²  50m²
Waterproof GradeIP65
Color Temperature7000k
Solar Street Light Size
led solar lamp
Relevant Packing Cases
all in one solar light


  • Solar street light*1
  • Manual *1
  • Remote control *1
  • Remote control dry
  • Battery *2

Q1:Why Is This Solar Street Light So Small?

A1:Because This Is An All-In-One Solar Street Light, The Front Is The Lamp Bead And The Back Is The Solar Panel


Q2:Does This Solar Street Light Include a Pole?

A2:Usually Our Quotation Does Not Include Pole, If You Need Pole, Yes, We Can Provide It!


Q3:Does This Solar Street Light Accessory Include a Remote Control?

Yes, This Solar Street Light Accessory Includes Not Only The Remote Control, But Also The Batteries Used By The Remote Control! But We Will Keep Or Remove The Battery According To The Shipping Regulations, It Depends On Your Shipping Method!


Q4:What Is The Recommended Installation Height For This Solar Street Light?

A4:We Recommend Installation Above 3 Meters And Below 8 Meters!


Q5:Does This Solar Street Light Have a Warm Light?

A5:Yes, We Can Warm Light Or White!


Q6:Does This Solar Street Light Have White Light?

A6:Yes, This Solar Street Light Has White Light Or Warm Light, We Can Provide Warm Light + White Light For Special Customization!


Q7:How Can I Buy This Solar Street Light?

A7:Please Contact Us HOLSO, We Can Quote And Calculate The Shipping Cost For You!

Led Solar Street Light Case

1.Buyer Information:

solar light for house solar light for lamp post

Real Customer FeedbackVery Nice And Quick Service. The Seller Is Patient And Explained In Detail. The Quality Is Nothing To Say. It Is Very Nice Effortable Price. Cost Effective

Purchasing Time:October 20, 2020

Purchase Quantity:Five

Installation Location:Garden

Product Information:This Solar Street Light Is One-Piece, Which Is Easy To Install And Use. It Has High-Power Lamp Beads, a Wide Range Of Illumination And High Brightness. New High-Capacity Battery, Long Lighting Time And Long Service Life. He Has Three Installation Methods, Which Are Very Flexible. They Are Pole Installation, Wall Installation And Hoop Installation.

Communication Process:This Is The Feedback From a Cambodian Customer. His Yard Needs Lighting. After a Few Days Of Understanding, He Chose This One-Piece Street Light That Can Be Installed In Various Ways. After Receiving The Light, He Was Very Happy To Share It With Us. He Received Pictures Of The Lamp, Packaging And Product Intact And Perfect For His Yard.


2.Buyer Information:

lantern solar light Led solar light outdoor

Real Customer FeedbackThe Installation Is Very Simple, The Price Is Affordable, I Like The Number Of Lamp Beads, And The Irradiation Range Is Also Very Wide.

Purchasing Time:January 18, 2022

Purchase Quantity:Three

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:The All-In-One Solar Light Has Three Installation Methods: Pole Installation, Wall Installation, And Hoop Installation. Installation Is Versatile And Simple. It Is Water And Dust Resistant And Requires No Wiring. Automatically Bask In The Sun To Charge During The Day, And Automatically Light Up When It Is Dark. Zero Electricity Bill, No Pollution, Safe And Reliable

Communication Process:This Is a Customer From The Philippines. He Was Troubled By The Lack Of Lights On The Path Between His Two Houses. Various Factors Determined That He Could Not Install Lights Nearby. I Recommended This Integrated Solar Street Light To Him, Just In Time. It Meets His Requirement That No Wiring Is Required, Zero Electricity Bills Throughout The Year, And It Is Installed In a Wall-Type Method, Which Does Not Take Up Any Space. From Then On, It Is Very Convenient And Safe For Their Family To Enter And Exit Here.


3.Buyer Information:

solar light with remote outdoor solar light pole

Real Customer Feedback:The Installation Is Very Simple, The Price Is Affordable, I Like The Number Of Lamp Beads, And The Irradiation Range Is Also Very Wide.

Purchasing Time:January 23, 2022

Purchase Quantity:Eight

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:This Solar All-In-One Street Light Is Converted Into Electrical Energy By Solar Panels, And Then Charges The Lithium Battery In The All-In-One Solar Street Light. In The Daytime, Even On Cloudy Days, This Solar Generator (Solar Panel) Collects And Stores The Required Energy, And Automatically Supplies Power To The Led Lights Of The Integrated Solar Street Light At Night To Achieve Nighttime Lighting. At The Same Time, The Integrated Solar Street Light Has Pir Human Body Induction. It Can Realize The Infrared Sensor Control Light Working Mode Of The Intelligent Human Body At Night, 100% Bright When There Are People, And Automatically Change To 1/3 Of The Brightness After a Certain Time Delay When No One Is There, Saving More Energy Intelligently.

Communication Process:This Is a Customer From Spain, He Wants To Install Lights At The Gate Of His House And The Roadside Of The Farm, Which Is Easy To Install, Flexible In Installation, Energy-Saving And Environmentally Friendly. Practical Through Communication With Him, We Think This One-Piece Street Light Can Meet His Various Needs. This Street Light Has Three Installation Methods, Zero Electricity Bill, Safety And Environmental Protection!

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