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Product Description

Timer Switch can automatically turn on and off the power of various powered devices according to the users setting time.KG-316T widely used in the production equipment, street lamp, light box, neon light, warehouse ventilation, agricultural cultivation, automatic preheating, radio and television, etc., is the ideal control products.

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Timer KG316T Detail

This is a low energy consumption, more efficient timer switch, with optical and charged with two characteristics, when the timer adopts the combination of light control method, when the day is dark optical head induction darker, can automatically open lighting devices, to the middle of the night, with a set of time shut down automatically lighting devices, in order to achieve energy efficiency and prolong the service life of lighting devices, It is the ideal control product for street lamp, lamp box and neon lamp. The timer use capacitive buttons, no need to suffer from old plastic buttons, responsive BuKa key, and USES the humanized design, optimizing ABS materials, flame retardant shell, also has the function of active lock screen, 30 seconds without automatic lock screen operation, long press “/ elimination after” unlock, can also be multiple sets of timing, control electricity anytime and anywhere, There are heat sink design below the product, ventilation and heat dissipation, safe operation.

This timer has intelligent control, day/week cycle setting, single countdown function, LED ULTRA clear LCD display, easy operation, built-in battery, power off memory, security upgrade, after the call to the set time

Product Introduction
  1. 12 times on and off (day/week)
  2. Timing range :1minute~168 hours
  3. Single Countdown function
  4. Screen can be locked
  5. Working indicator
  6. Reset key
  7. Product built-in welding battery(CR 2450 ,3V)
  8. Screw M3 or 35mm Din rail mounting ( The picture as below )
  • Timing Range: 1 Minute ~ 168 Hours
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Contact Capacity: 25A
  • Power Consumption: no more than 2w
  • Internal Battery: 3V CR2450
  • Operate Temperature: -30℃ ~ +80 ℃
  • Programmable: 12 times On / Off (week / day)
  • Minimum set time: 1 MinuteTime error:  <1s/day(25℃)
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