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Product Description

Timer Switch can automatically turn on and off the power of various powered devices according to the users setting time.It can be widely used in automatic chicken coop door, fish feeder, automatic preheating, light box, neon lights, water heater, water dispenser, fans, cell phone chargers, kitchen appliances, radio, television, street lamp, etc.

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THC15A Timer
THC15A Timer1
THC15A Timer2
THC15A Timer3
THC15A Timer
THC15A Timer1
THC15A Timer2
THC15A Timer3

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Timer THC15A/AHC15A Detail

This is a multi-functional programming controller, a new generation of small switch out of control, and intelligent cycle system, time setting, time can be set up to 19 times switch combination, easy control, simple and convenient Settings, switch time according to day, loop or weekly cycle, with convenient buttons, soft rubber key, keys, load distribution box, after setting is convenient, clear, There is also the memory function of power failure, which saves the trouble of power failure reset. The humanized design is more convenient, with high-precision timing technology, high-precision chip design, and small error thrown at low temperature.

Product Introduction

Product introduction

  1. 16 times on and off (day/week)
  2. Timing range :1minute~168 hours
  3. Countdown function
  4. Misoperation panel
  5. Working indicator
  6. Reset key
  7. Product built-in welding battery(CR 2450 ,3V)
  8. 35mm Din rail mounting ( The picture as below )

SHIJIAN factory direct sale control electrical timer 24 168 hours time switch


Product customization

Standard products :220v ,25A ,50~60Hz

  • We can customize the voltage: Wide voltage 90v~240v
  • Maximum current 25A,If you need to control the load of a larger current, We can provide you with AC contactor.
  • We can customize LOGO and packaging. Please contact the us.

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Package Includes

Single Product Packaging

  • 1 x Carton
  • 1 x Programmable Timer
  • 1 x User Manual

Packaging Information

100pcs/carton , Carton size : 44cm*19.6cm*37.5cm

Single packing size (cm)Single packing weight (g)Product size(cm)Product weight (g)



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