Solar Electric Fan

Product Introduction

This is a 16-inch floor-standing solar electric fan, you can use a solar panel or an adapter to charge the electric fan, built-in large-capacity battery,Let you use it anywhere!

Solar Electric Fan Ventilation Cooling China Seller

12v solar fan
amazon solar fan
battery solar fan
solar fan for house
12v solar fan
amazon solar fan
battery solar fan
solar fan for house

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Solar Fan Detail

Attic solar fan reviews:our solar fans come with panels,the power of the solar fan is mainly conducive to the energy conversion of the solar panel, and the power supply to the fan can save a lot of electricity. And equipped with led lighting, built-in safe and reliable sealed maintenance-free rechargeable lithium battery

Outdoor solar fan is a fan that uses 12 V, 24 V DC inputs and can save more power than AC fans by using batteries, adapters or solar panels. And our solar fan with a light, so it’s easy to go out at night. solar fan attic are well worth purchasing,solar fans can be used in the shed or outdoors. Taking solar fan outdoor is a good choice for camping in Summer,and our solar fans are also a big seller on Amazon.

Our various greenhouse solar fan include many solutions to create a comfortable breezy environment for your home or office. We have a variety of styles of fans to choose from to suit any environment and two types of fans are available: manual and remote.

Solar fans are more environmentally friendly, more economical and quieter, and will be your best choice. We are equipped with large solar panels, large battery capacity, and various charging methods, so that you can safely use the whole night, and our solar fan is rechargeableour,the fans have USB port, so we can charge your mobile phone, which also provides convenience for our life.

Solar fan for greenhouse can be used for ventilation cooling, vehicles and boats, camping, power failure emergency, temporary role, mobile stalls, school dormitories and other places without power, convenient emergency use. And attic solar fan installation is simple, zero electricity, energy saving and environmental protection, is one of the necessary choices in summer, can enjoy, and can save electricity.

Solar Electric Fan Parameter:

ModelPowerSolar panelBatteryFunction
HS-18825W20w polysilicon A boardTernary lithium battery 18000mahUSB interface, night light illumination
HS-19825W20w polysilicon A boardTernary lithium battery 18000mahUSB interface, night light illumination
HS-198F25W20w polysilicon A boardTernary lithium battery 18000mahRemote control or button control


Q1.Which Solar Fan Is Best?

A1.Floor Solar Fan


Q2.What Are Solar Fan?

A2.A Solar Fan Is a Fan Powered By The Sun


Q3.How Many Solar Panels To Power a Fan?



Q5.How Much Does a Solar Fan Cost?

A5.One Set About Usd 30


Q6.How Much Is Small Solar Fan?

A6.One Set About Usd25


Q7.How Much Is Solar Standing Fan?

A7.About Usd30 One Set


Q8.How Much Solar To Run a Fan?

A8.25w Solar Panel Charging Time Is About 6~8 Hours

Solar Fan Case

1.Buyer Information

Real Customer Feedback: fan received, good quality, no noise, convenient, easy to use, with gear, good service attitude


Purchase Time: January 5, 2022


Purchase Quantity: 100 sets


Purchase Intention: Wholesale


Product Information: With this 16-inch floor-to-floor solar fan, you can charge the fan using either a solar panel or an adapter, and the built-in high-capacity battery lets you use it anywhere!


Communication Process: This is a customer from Lebanon, because summer is coming soon, essentials of cooling fan is summer, so I want to purchase a batch of solar energy fan in local sales, communication, understand the customer worry about the problem of the noise of the fan and wind speed, so we live recorded a video, and dismissed the question of customer, this also let us know to customer concerns, From the customer’s point of view, it also laid a foundation for our long-term cooperation


2.Buyer Information

solar fan

Real Customer Feedback: good quality. Very much. The owner is also very warm, the service attitude is very good, will buy again


Purchase Time: February 10, 2022


Purchase Quantity: 50 sets


Purchase Intention: Wholesale


Product Information: This is a 16 inch floor solar fan, built-in large capacity battery, USB charging, no wiring, 0 electricity, wind speed switch, so that you can use anywhere!


Communication Process: This is a customer from Singapore, because the summer sunshine, the hot weather, so I want to buy solar fan, just right for Singapore’s weather, in the process of communication, the customer worry about fan saving function is not strong, so we tested a, fan can work ten hours, in the case of solar panels is enough, it is good to show our quality, Answered the customer’s question


3.Buyer Information

solar power fan

Real Customer Feedback: the goods received, first try one, thanks to the careful guidance of customer service staff, easy to install, feel good, the wind is strong, full of electricity can blow the whole night.


Purchase Time: February 15, 2022


Purchase Quantity: 30 sets


Purchase Intention: Household


Product Information: This is a black 16-inch floor solar fan with small night light, manual control of wind speed, built-in large battery, USB charging, can be used indoors or outdoors, easy and easy


Communication Process: this is a customer from Nigeria, due to the customer’s economic conditions is not very good, home to install air conditioning units, so we recommend for him the economical solar fan, the color is black, joker to bear or endure dirty, very good accord with the requirement of the customer, 0 electricity, without wiring, allowing you to use anywhere, received after the customer is satisfied

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