2022 New Hot Solar Fan With Solar Panel

Product Introduction

This is a floating circulating fan, solar charging, built-in lithium battery, battery life of 10-12 hours, support mobile phone USB charging, AC&DC two charging modes,with night light configuration

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mini solar power fan
solar fan rechargeable
solar fan
solar rechargeable fan
mini solar power fan
solar fan rechargeable
solar fan
solar rechargeable fan

Mini Solar Fan Detail

This is a new solar energy fan suspension loop comfort, two kinds of charging modes, solar energy and USB charging ways, not restricted, follow one’s inclinations, zero electricity for the whole year, no wiring, easy to carry, the function of the three gears, free wind speed switch, wide-angle air supply, imitating the natural wind, low noise quiet, only the wind, no sound, quiet air supply, sleep and life you are the one, Also equipped with LED small night light, intimate night light function, to meet your life needs, night can illuminate, illuminate the dark for you.

The solar powered fan is 5W, 6W mono-crystal silicon A board 6V, the charger is 2A data cable, charging time is 2 to 3 hours, the use time is 4 to 12 hours, the color of the fan is black, the packaging is improved and upgraded, portable packaging, can be used as A gift, convenient to carry.

Solar fan is a cool summer must-have tools, the use of solar power generation technology, energy conservation and zero power consumption, can have the wind there is light, low db operation, enjoy the quiet and cool and refreshing soft wind, brushless dc motor, the high quality of the wick is durable, has a large capacity battery, sustainable work 8 hours, have you define usage scenario, meet different needs, This solar fan is light, easy to carry, elegant in appearance, and makes you happy.

solar Fan Parameter

  • Power: 5w
  • Solar Panel: 6W monocrystalline panel 6V
  • Battery Capacity: 18650 Lithium 5200mah
  • Charger: 2A date line
  • Wind Type: 3Gears, soft and strong
  • Charging Time: 2-3h
  • Duration: about 4 hours in level 3, and about 8 hours in level 1
  • Funcation Mode:LED lighting
  • Fan size: 195mm*195mm*105mm
  • Solar panel size: 235*X205mm
  • Packing q’ty: 1sets/box
  • Measure: 240*135*215cm
  • FCL: 1.12kg
  • Product color: grey 
solar Rechargeable Fan Case

1.Buyer Information

solar electric fan1

Real Customer Feedback:The appearance is advanced, easy to carry, I like it very much, I recommend this fan, the seller is very patient!

Purchasing Time:February 11,2022

Purchase Quantity:100PC

Usage: commercial

Product Information:This is an AC DC6V solar fan small night light desktop type household fan, which can be charged by solar energy or USB, three speed Settings, free switching, imitate natural wind, do not disturb sleep and life, lightweight, easy to carry

Communication Process:This is a customer from the United States, because he runs an upscale shops, so he needs some senior appearance fan, so we recommend him for money, but the customer ask for lightweight, portable fan, what has been discussed several times, the customer determines the mini fan, very accord with the requirement of his, and convenient transportation, solved the problem of the freight cost, After receiving the customer is also very satisfied, it is said that the effect is very good!

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