Solar Flame Light

Product Introduction

Led Solar Flame Light Outdoor Decoration China Factory

96 led solar flame torch light
solar flame flickering lamp
solar flame landscape lights
solar light flickering flame
96 led solar flame torch light
solar flame flickering lamp
solar flame landscape lights
solar light flickering flame

Solar Flame Light Detail

The solar flame light is a LED solar garden light that simulates flames. It is a mini solar flame lamp. It is safe and beautiful, with its own flame rhythm effect.

Solar powered flame light function, it has IP65 waterproof rating, waterproof, lightning proof and dustproof, and can be used normally in rainy days. It has zero electricity bills throughout the year, automatically basks in the sun to charge during the day, and automatically lights up at night. At night it will sparkle like a flame, giving off a mesmerizing light. Light up and decorate your garden. So this solar flame lamp is very safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful.

The solar flame lamp has three gears, the first gear: flame, the second gear: flashing, the third gear: always on.

This outdoor solar flame light has a variety of installation methods to meet different scenes. It can be wall mounted, plugged into the ground, placed on the table top, or hung. The lights can be placed anywhere as long as the sun shines!

Solar Flame Light Parameter:

  • Product Name :Solar Flame Light
  • Solar Panel Polysilicon :5.5V / 1W
  • Light Source: 14 Pcs SMD 2835
  • Battery :3.7V/ 500 mAh 18650 Lithium Battery * 1
  • Charging time :6~8Hours
  • IP Rate: IP65

Q1. Is this solar flame lamp multifunctional?

A1. Yes, you can hang it on the wall, carry it in your hand, and stick it in the ground


Q2. What is the minimum order quantity?

A2. 1 PCS, two minimum orders are recommended, which will save the freight


Q3. How many solar lamps are there in a box?

A3. There are 15 boxes /30 PCS in each box of double supports and 12 boxes /48 PCS in each box of four supports


Q4. How long is the charging time?

A4. About 6 hours


Q5. Do you have relevant product certification?

A5. Yes, such as CE and ROHS certificates


Q6. Is this solar flame lamp waterproof?

A6. Yes, it has IP65 waterproof rating


Q7. How long does this solar decorative lamp work?

A7. About 6-12 hours


Q8. What is the material of this solar garden lamp?

A8. Is ABC + PC

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