Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Product Introduction

Solar flood light with high brightness LED, large irradiation range, waterproof and lightning protection, large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, polycrystalline silicon solar panel, and remote control.

2022 Solar Flood Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting

best outdoor solar flood light
solar flood light dusk to dawn
solar flood light outdoor
outdoor solar flood light
best outdoor solar flood light
solar flood light dusk to dawn
solar flood light outdoor
outdoor solar flood light

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Solar Wall Light Detail

Solar flood light is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe. During the day, solar panels collect and store solar energy, and at night it can be converted into electricity to illuminate. Solar light from dusk to dawn. That is, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting when it is dark, and you can also set the lighting mode during the day, remote control intelligent operation plus intelligent light control, multi-level brightness can be adjusted, wide illumination range, high brightness. solar flood light ip65 waterproof, outdoor rain and lightning protection. Remote control solar flood light. With charging indicator light, the red light flashes, it is charging. Which scene lighting is solar flood light led suitable for? For example: factory, courtyard, community, park, entrance. The internal and external anti-seismic design is more stable, the alloy material is more durable, the irradiation angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, energy saving and environmental protection, zero electricity cost, convenient and simple installation, and low maintenance cost.

How to install solar flood lights? First drill holes on the wall where you need to install the light, then insert expansion screws, fix the solar panel and the light bracket to the wall and tighten the screws, and finally connect the wires of the light and the solar panel.

45W Solar Flood Light Outdoor:

  • Power:45W
  • LED: SMD2835 120PCS
  • Luminous flux: 450LM
  • IP Rate:IP66
  • Battery:3.2V/5000mAh
  • Lamp Size:208x160mm
  • Irradiation Area:40m²
  • Panel Size:300x185x12mm
  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/12W)

80W Solar Flood Light Outdoor:

  • Power:80W
  • LED: SMD2835 176PCS
  • Luminous flux: 700LM
  • IP Rate:IP66
  • Battery:3.2V/10000mAh
  • Lamp Size:250x220mm
  • Irradiation Area:60m²
  • Panel Size:358x237x12mm

150W Solar Flood Light Outdoor:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/16W)
  • Power:150W
  • LED: SMD2835 260PCS
  • Luminous flux: 900LM
  • IP Rate:IP66
  • Battery:3.2V/15000mAh
  • Lamp Size:273x223mm
  • Irradiation Area:80m²
  • Panel Size:340x290x17mm

300W Solar Flood Light Outdoor:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/25W)
  • Power:300W
  • LED: SMD2835 448PCS
  • Luminous flux: 1200LM
  • IP Rate:IP66
  • Battery:3.2V/20000mAh
  • Lamp Size:320x260mm
  • Irradiation Area:100m²
  • Panel Size:350x340x17mm

Relevant Packing Cases

solar flood lights



  • One light
  • A solar panel
  • A remote control
  • A pair of dry batteries
  • A set of mounting screws
  • A manual


Q1. Why Won’t The Solar Flood Light Turn On In The Morning?

A1. Because The Solar Flood Light Has a Light Sensor, It Can Only Be Turned On At Night, If You Block The Solar Panel, Yes, It Will Turn On Too!


Q2. Is The More Lamp Beads The Better?

A2. It Is Not That The More Lamp Beads, The Brighter! The Brightness Depends On The Adjustment Of The Controller!


Q3. Why Is The Wattage Of Solar Flood Lights So Large?

A3. You Have To Know That The Actual Wattage Of Solar Lamps Is Very Small, And The Label Of Several Hundred Watts Is The Model!


Q4. What Is Included In a Set Of Solar Flood Lights?

A4. Lamp Holder, Solar Panel, Mounting Screws, Remote Control, Manual!


Q5. Can Solar Flood Lights Be Used Outdoors?

A5. The Solar Flood Light Is Waterproof And Can Be Used Outdoors!


Q6. How Long Does It Take To Charge The Solar Flood Light?

A6. About 5~8 Hours


Q7. How Long Can The Solar Flood Light Work?

A7. A Full Charge Can Work All Night!

Solar Flood Light Outdooor Case

1.Buyer Information:  

7 solar light outdoor 2

Real Feedback:I received the solar lamp, and I only took it out today. The packaging is very good, the logistics is fast, the lamps are in good condition, the lamp is still very bright, and the effect will be better when fully charged tomorrow. It’s great, and the next batch will continue to be purchased here.

Purchasing Time:2021-10.8

Purchase Quantity:two sample

Installation Location:balcony

Product Information: This is a 150W remote control solar IP67 floodlight with a total of 258 lamp beads, 18W solar panel, 16500mah battery, it is a high lumen solar floodlight. The new generation of upgraded solar panels have high energy conversion, built-in photosensitive mode and timing function, and flexibly meet various needs. There is no motion sensor, but the remote control can be turned on at regular intervals.

Communication Process: The client is from Israel, he needs to light up his yard, his yard is about 70 square meters, we recommend this 150W lamp to him, the irradiation range is 80 square meters, which also meets his requirements for the irradiation area , but the customer is worried about the damage during the use of the product, but he knows that our products have a one to two-year warranty period, and he does not hesitate to place an order to buy, which also perfectly solves the customer’s doubts, and is very satisfied after receiving it !


2.Buyer Information:

solar light posts solar lights for yard

Real Customer Feedback:The endurance is very strong, and the battery is charged during the day, and the lights are turned on immediately at night

Purchasing Time:february 27, 2021

Purchase Quantity:two

Installation Location:doorway

Product Information:This solar flood light is suitable for any outdoor place. Because one of the characteristics of LED solar flood light is that it is not affected by the external environment, it can meet the decorative needs of urban beautification for the lighting of streets, parks, buildings and other facilities, and To provide lighting for night operations in large mines. In terms of material selection, a new type of alloy material is adopted, which not only makes the overall weight of the lamp lighter and easier to carry and install, but also adopts high-tech technology in spraying, which can ensure that the lamp will not be rusted in the outdoor environment, and the height of the lamp shell is guaranteed. overall performance. After installation, the irradiation angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure the desired display effect.

Communication Process:This is a customer from the United States. He needs two lights at the door of his house to illuminate the family’s access and play. He also asked that the light should not take up space and not consume electricity. We introduced this solar flood light that takes up no space and requires no electricity bills. And easy to install, no wiring required. After receiving the light, he quickly installed it on the pillar at the door of the house. The light is very bright and has a wide range of illumination. His children can also play happily at the door of the house at night. He later bought ten more lamps from us to recommend to neighbors and friends.


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