Solar Flood Lights With Remote

Product Introduction

100w Solar Flood Lights With Remote For Sale

brightest solar flood light
commercial solar flood light
dusk to dawn solar flood light
solar flood light with remote
brightest solar flood light
commercial solar flood light
dusk to dawn solar flood light
solar flood light with remote

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Solar Flood Light Detail

Solar flood light with remote control is simple and convenient, high brightness, wide irradiation range, zero wiring, free electricity, safe and pollution-free.

The LED solar flood light can also be a garden solar flood light outdoors. It is a white or warm white solar flood light with long lifespan, high brightness and positive color temperature. It is a high lumen solar flood light.

Portfolio solar flood lights are divided into solar panels and lamps. The new generation of upgraded solar panels has high energy conversion, which can be charged normally on cloudy and rainy days, and can be fully charged in 5-6 hours on sunny days. The solar flood light has a battery, and the zero-acid lithium battery lasts for more than 12 hours. It is a smart solar flood light. Built-in light sensing mode and timing function, flexible to meet various needs. The solar flood light without motion sensor, but remote control can be turned on for 3 hours, 5 hours, and 8 hours at regular intervals.

Solar flood light for outdoors, it can be used in gardens, parks, villas, streets, factories, construction sites, courtyards. It is divided into LED solar flood light 40W, LED solar flood light 80W, LED solar flood light 150W, LED solar flood light 300W, LED solar flood light 400W. Very convenient and practical!

40W Solar Flood Lights With Remote:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/8W)
  • Power:40W
  • LED: SMD2835 114PCS
  • Luminous flux: 450LM
  • IP Rate:IP67
  • Battery:3.2V/5000mAh
  • Lamp Size:190x155x45mm
  • Irradiation Area:40m²
  • Panel Size:360x172x17mm

80W Solar Flood Lights With Remote:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/12W)
  • Power:80W
  • LED: SMD2835 184PCS
  • Luminous flux: 800LM
  • IP Rate:IP67
  • Battery:3.2V/10000mAh
  • Lamp Size:230x195x50mm
  • Irradiation Area:60m²
  • Panel Size:340x290x17mm

150W Solar Flood Lights With Remote:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/18W)
  • Power:150W
  • LED: SMD2835 258PCS
  • Luminous flux: 1100LM
  • IP Rate:IP67
  • Battery:3.2V/16500mAh
  • Lamp Size:260x220x60mm
  • Irradiation Area:80m²
  • Panel Size:340x385x17mm

300W Solar Flood Lights With Remote:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/25W)
  • Power:300W
  • LED: SMD2835 426PCS
  • Luminous flux: 2000LM
  • IP Rate:IP67
  • Battery:3.2V/22000mAh
  • Lamp Size:315x265x70mm
  • Irradiation Area:100m²
  • Panel Size:350x520x17mm

400W Solar Flood Lights With Remote:

  • Solar Panel :Polysilicon(5V/35W)
  • Power:400W
  • LED: SMD2835 674PCS
  • Luminous flux: 2300LM
  • IP Rate:IP67
  • Battery:3.2V/27500mAh
Relevant Packing Cases
solar flood lights



  • One light
  • A solar panel
  • A remote control
  • A pair of dry batteries
  • A set of mounting screws
  • A manual

Q1.Can I Install The Solar Panel Outdoors And The Lamp Head Indoors?

A1.Yes, The Solar Panel And The Lamp Head Are Connected By Wires, And The Length Of The Wires Is 3~5 Meters!


Q2.Can The Wire Length Of The Solar Flood Light Be Customized?

A2.Yes, It Can Be Customized According To Your Requirements!


Q3.Are Solar Flood Lights Waterproof?

A3.Yes, Ip65 Waterproof!


Q4.What Is The Illumination Range Of The Solar Flood Light?

A4.According To The Size Of The Solar Flood Light, The Lighting Range Is 20㎡~200㎡


Q5.Are Solar Flood Lights Really Zero Electricity Bills?

A5.Yes, As Long As You Have Plenty Of Sunlight, Your Solar Flood Light Will Work! Real New Energy, Zero Electricity Bill!


Q6.Can One Solar Panel Charge Multiple Lamp Heads?

A6.Yes,But You Need To Contact Me First!


Q7.How To Check If The Solar Flood Light Is Charging?

A7.If a Lamp Bead Is Blinking, Yes, The Solar Flood Light Is Charging!

Solar Flood Light Case

1.Buyer Information:

solar light solar lights

Real Customer Feedback:The parcel was delivered quickly, the brightness of the light was very satisfied, and the quality was better than other stores, an honest seller 

Purchasing Time:July 12, 2021

Purchase Quantity:four

Installation Location:courtyard

Product Information:This solar flood light is very durable and has high safety, the maintenance cost is not very high, and the overall operation is very simple. The connection line between the lamp body and the solar panel is five meters long, and the installation is very flexible. It is waterproof and dustproof, has a large battery capacity, high brightness, can also be timed and has a remote control.

Communication Process:This is a client from Israel, his yard is very dark at night, and he needs a light to illuminate his yard, so that it can make his yard look bright, and it is easier and safer for them to enter and exit. But there are eaves in the yard that will block the sun. We recommended this solar split type flood light to him. His lamp body and solar panel are separated, and the connecting line connecting the lamp body and the solar panel is five meters long, so he can install the solar panel on the roof. Can fully bask in the sun to charge.


2.Buyer Information:

solar light outdoor outdoor solar light

Real Customer Feedback:Amazing brightness! ! ! ! It’s really bright, much cheaper than our local price, and the delivery speed is very fast, it is worth recommending

Purchasing Time:April 21, 2021

Purchase Quantity:one

Installation Location:doorway

Product Information:The solar flood light is sufficient, and it can be fully charged in 6 hours. Intelligent light control, charging during the day and lighting at night. Waterproof and dustproof, easy to use. Polycrystalline silicon solar panel, good photoelectric conversion rate, sensitive induction, energy saving and environmental protection, durable. 5 meters waterproof wire, insulated and waterproof, reliable quality, good electrical conductivity, not easy to age, durable.

Communication Process:This is a client from South Korea. She needs a lamp at the lower door of the building where she lives to bring light to everyone. Later, he chose the solar flood light, which has high brightness, long lighting time, and a large range of illumination, which is very suitable for his downstairs. Now it is very convenient and safe for everyone to enter


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