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Product Introduction

This is a 12-inch portable solar electric fan with built-in large-capacity battery and large-size solar panel.

2022 Solar Power Fan With Solar Panel Work Quietly

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Solar Power Fan Detail

Solar fan attic reviews:This is a mini portable rechargeable solar desktop fan, equipped with solar panels. It uses modern high-tech sunlight to illuminate photovoltaic panels and convert them into electricity, which drives high-performance micromotors to run the fans. It can be hand-held or placed on the office desk, equipped with 3 fan blades, low noise, suitable for family, personal office, etc. The small fan can also be charged by USB and can work for eight hours on a full charge.

This is an outdoor essential small solar electric fan, can save electricity, easy to carry, and can be put in the car, as a car solar fan, stable base, not easy to fall, and it is especially suitable for you to travel, fishing, mountaineering, camping and other outdoor activities. Elegant design for consumers of all ages and price levels, this portable solar fan can bring cool air to you when outdoor sports, practical and fashionable choice for your outdoor sports.

how to use a solar panel to power a fan: solar fan set,the solar panel is tilted upwards 45 degrees, facing the sun, solar panel can run a fan,the fan put flat, as long as there is direct sunlight to the place, he has power supply, the fan will rotate, the hotter the weather, the faster the fan turns!! The cooler it feels.

Product features: small size, easy to carry and use.,energy saving, environmental protection, convenient, beautiful and generous is you send relatives and friends and product promotion gifts.

We are the best supplier of solar fans,with the lowest price, the best quality, it is one of the best choices for portable solar fans.

Solar Power Fan Parameter

Model  HS-118
Solar panel12w polysilicon A board 
BatteryTernary lithium battery 12000mah
FunctionUSB Charge
Charger1.5 ampere adapter or solar panel
Charging time3-5h
Using time9-11h


Q1.How Solar Fan Works?

A.As Long As There Is Solar Energy, Your Solar Electric Fan Will Work!

Q2.How To Use a Solar Panel To Power a Fan?

A2.As Long As The Solar Panels Get Enough Sunlight, The Light Energy Will Be Converted Into Electricity!

Q3.Best Solar Fan For Home?

A3.There Is No Best Product In The World, Only The Best Product For You! You Can Choose Our Solar Electric Fan From HOLSO

Q4.How Much Is Solar Fan?

A4.Wholesale Price Of Solar Fan Is About Usd30

Q5.How Many Solar Panels To Run a Fan?


Q6.How Does Solar Fan Work

A6.The Solar Fan Has a Built-In Battery, And The Solar Panel Can Charge The Battery!


1.Buyer Information

2022 Solar Power Fan With Solar Panel Work Quietly2

Buyer information:South Korea

Real feedback:It is very convenient to put on the ground, does not take up space, the wind is very strong, very suitable for summer use

Purchasing time:2021.08.01

Purchase quantity:4

Installation location:indoor

Product Information:This product is a solar fan, using solar charging, a 12-inch solar charging fan, equipped with a silent DC motor, strong wind, 8-24 hours of battery life, 3-speed wind speed adjustment. USB phone charging. Multi-speed wind speed adjustment, 1st light wind, 2nd medium wind, 3rd strong wind. There are two charging methods, which can be charged by home adaptation or by solar energy, which is very flexible.

Communication Process:This is a client from South Korea who is very fond of growing plants and needs to buy some small solar fans to ventilate his plants. We recommended this product for our client. This product is very portable and can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall, which is perfect for this client. The customer is also very satisfied with this product. After successfully placing the order, the customer is also very satisfied with the efficacy of this solar fan after receiving the goods.


2.Buyer Information

2022 Solar Power Fan With Solar Panel Work Quietly1

Buyer information:Cambodia

Real feedback:This fan is very good. It can be charged by solar energy or directly plugged into the power supply at home. In summer, the fan is inseparable. Using solar energy can save a lot of electricity bills. , I like this product very much.

Purchasing time:2022.03.18

Purchase quantity:10

Installation location:outdoor

Product Information:This product is a solar fan. This product has many features. For example, this product adopts a silent tributary motor, strong and strong wind, and the battery life can reach 8-24 hours. The size of this product is a 12-inch charging fan with a power of 15W, and the solar panel uses a 12W polysilicon A plate. The battery capacity reaches 12000mah.

Communication Process:This is a customer from Cambodia. The customer needs to buy some solar fans for home use. The customer needs a relatively quiet solar fan. We recommended several products for our customers, and the customer finally chose this one because it is small and portable, and has a lot of wind. The customer felt that this product was very suitable for him and successfully placed the order. The customer is very satisfied after receiving the goods.

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