Solar Flame Light

Product Introduction

High quality LED landscape lawn rainproof flame solar garden outdoor light, this solar flame light can decorate your yard and garden, add fun to your life and make your yard look more beautiful

Solar Torch Light With Flickering Flame Lights Outdoor Garden Solar Landscape Decoration Lighting

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solar flame light
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solar flame flickering lamp torch
solar flame light
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solar powered flame light

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Solar Powered Flame Light Detail

This solar flame lamp has a simulated flame effect, realistic light effect, atmosphere embellishment, and its solar panel photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, with LED lamp beads, the light pulsates when the light is on, simulating real flame, with 96Pcs SMD 2835 high-quality light source,using solar power generation, polysilicon high conversion solar panel quality charging fast, no electricity

Solar power flame light has an open key under the lamp, open the switch before use, but also stretch the lamp tube, the lamp tube has a durable, corrosion resistant nature, can also reinforce the pin, firmly inserted into the ground, the lamp body is not easy to tilt.

The solar flame lamp is IP65 waterproof, withstands all weather outdoors, and is also corrosion resistant

And has a long light time, fully charged after the work of 8 hours, is also intelligent light control, light out during the day automatic charging, automatic light at night, like a torch lit the night

Solar Flame Light Parameter

Product Name
Solar Flame Light
Solar Panel
Polysilicon /5.5V / 1W
Light Source
96 Pcs SMD 2835
1500 mAh 18650 Lithium Battery * 1
Charging time
IP Rate

Q1. What’s the difference between this solar flame lamp and the mini one?

A1. This solar flame lamp is bigger, with different beads and patterns


Q2. What’s the minimum quantity of an order?

A2.1 batches


Q3. How soon will the goods be delivered after you place the order?

A3. About 7 to 10 working days


Q4. Can I order samples?

A4. Yes, you can also set the logo

Q5.what can you buy from us?
A5.Solar Light,solar street lights,solar led lights,solar lamps,solar garden lights

Q6. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
A6.Extension of the deep electrical limited company through the introduction of advanced technology, professional, high-end equipment and other aspects of the effort, as the extension of the deep provide continuous power steadily improving series product.

Q7. what services can we provide?
A7.Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Credit Card,PayPal;
Language Spoken:English,Chinese

Solar Flame Light Case

1.Buyer information:

led solar flame light solar light flickering flame

Real feedback:SO SURPRISED!!! I am very satisfied to buy such a good solar lamp at this price with good material, exquisite workmanship, good brightness and flame shape

Purchasing time:2021.11.06

Purchase quantity20 pcs

Installation location:Balcony

Product Information: Strong waterproof, outdoor solar garden light, ip65 waterproof performance, flame flickering lighting effect, high-quality waterproof, anti-corrosion material, ABS Seiko material, equipped with polycrystalline silicon solar energy, the reinforced solar panel can convert electricity faster and make the lighting time longer, When the battery is fully charged, the light can last up to 12 hours, and the built-in LED wick can simulate the flame effect.

Communication Process:This is a lovely client from the Philippines. He has just moved into his new home and wants to purchase some beautiful lamps to decorate his garden, because solar lamps have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. After a period of comparison, he chose According to his needs, we also recommended the appropriate purchase amount and the style that can match his home yard for him. The customer is very satisfied with the final result.


2.Buyer information

solar flame spike light solar flame lantern lights

Real feedback:Very beautiful, like flame, dark automatically light, very satisfied!

Purchasing time:2021.11.29

Purchase quantity:24pcs

Installation location:Balcony

Product Information: Solar outdoor garden light simulation flame light home waterproof led lawn light, garden decoration, various installation methods, can be installed on the ground, on the ground, on the wall.


Communication Process:A customer from South Korea, the customer wants to have warm lights in the courtyard of his home, we recommend this flame lamp for him, the lifelike flame lamp makes the whole courtyard warm up, after the customer receives the goods, through the simple installation Finally, I successfully got a courtyard that I am satisfied with.


3.Buyer information

solar flame light torch solar flame lights lowes

Real feedback:Logistics and products are very good, cost-effective,COOL!

Purchasing time:2021.10.11

Purchase quantity:2pcs

Installation location:Balcony

Product Information: Waterproof ip65 villa decorative street light, professional waterproof technology, excellent waterproof performance, no need to worry about outdoor use, the polycrystalline silicon solar panel used can be converted into more electricity, making the lighting time longer, waterproof button switch, waterproof protection, prevent water ingress . It adopts engineering plastic shell, which is waterproof, heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

Communication Process:Customers from Vietnam feel that solar garden lights are more convenient, do not require wires, etc., and save electricity. They asked us how to use solar garden lights and some detailed parameters. After we answered them, the customer placed an order and the customer After receiving the goods, after using the product, the customer is very satisfied.

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