Solar Street Lamp

Product Introduction

This is a small solar street lamp, very suitable for your garden, the PIR function can make the standby time longer! But if you need to light up all night, I suggest you choose the split solar light outdoor H-456

Mini Solar Street Lamp Best Price Garden Lighting

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outdoor solar street light
solar street light amazon
solar street lights amazon
led solar street light
outdoor solar street light
solar street light amazon
solar street lights amazon

Solar Street Lamp Video Display

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Solar Street Lamp Detail

This solar-powered street lamp has 96pcs LED beads, featuring wide lighting range,high brightness and long service life. ABS plastic case, built-in 1800mAh 18650 rechargeable battery ,high sensitivity sensor probe, high quality led lamp bead, remote control, IP65 waterproof and other advantages.

It comes with large solar panels that cover the entire body of the lamp, so it can be charged more efficiently and the battery lasts longer.

Our solar lights amazon also has a high sensitivity human body sensor probe, the sensing range can reach 3~5m far, the brightness of the street lamp can also be adjusted intelligently. The solar lights home depot also comes with a remote control. So you can also use the configured remote control to set its working mode.The remote will make it easier to work, and the solar lights can be switched on and off as needed.

This solar lights for fence has a professional IP65 waterproof setting, and the waterproof rating is quite high. So don’t worry about rain or snow, of course, in such a wet and harsh environment can still work normally.

This solar lights for yard can be installed in gardens, courtyards, balconies, parks, communities and other places, making our life and work more convenient

Solar Street Lamp Parameter

Product function Light control+Human body induction+remote control
Solar panels6V 3W Polycrystalline
Solar panel size13cm*21.5cm
Number of LED beads96pcs of LED
Battery1800mAh 18650 / 3.2v
Charging time5~8Hours
Lighting time6~8Hours
Carton packing infoDimensions:  51*31.5*33cm
  Quantity :  20pcs
 G.W :  11KG       N.W : 10KG
Solar Street Light Product Size
led solar lamp

This led solar landscape lighting is 21.5cm long and 14.2cm wide, which is a small street lamp. It is easy to carry and can be installed at the gate of parks and courtyards. The weight is also very light and convenient to transport,If you just want to light up at night, so this solar lamp post is very suitable, cheap and good quality, come and join us

Long Distance Remote Control
photobank 14

This wall mount solar lamp post light comes with a remote control. You can use the remote control to control the working mode of theproduct.
Remote control, easy to use, you can switch the working mode of the solar light at any time as needed.

Relevant Packing Cases
all in one solar light 1



  • Solar street light*1
  • Manual *1
  • Remote control*1
  • Remote control dry
  • Battery*2


Q1. Is This An Induction Solar Street Light?

A1. Yes, There Are Motion Sensors Because Of The Small Battery Capacity! He Is a Small Solar Light!


Q2. How Long Can This Solar Light Stay On?

A2. The Battery Is Fully Charged, And The Induction Mode Can Be Bright For 1~3 Nights!


Q3. Why Is This Solar Light Designed So Heavy?

A3. Because The Solar Panels Are Covered With Glass!


Q4. Where Is This Solar Light Suitable For Installation?

A4. Since This Is An Induction Solar Light, It Is Recommended To Install It At Your Entrance!


Q5. Why Is This Solar Light So Cheap?

A5. Because This Is a Small Induction Solar Light!


Q6. Is This Solar Light Suitable For Me?

A6. If Your Area Gets Plenty Of Light, Yes, It’s Perfect For You!


Q7. Where Can I Buy High-Quality Solar Lights?

A7. Please Contact Us HOLSO, You Will Get The Best Solar Light!

Solar Lamp Cace

1.Buyer Information:

96Led Solar Light 2 

Real Customer Feedback:Producto Tal Cual Se Describe , Envío a México En 11 Días Totales Muy Rápido, Buena Iluminación, Los Materiales Se Ven Resistentes , Hasta Este Momento Todo Funciona Bien, Vendedor Recomendado Al 100%, Las Lámparas Son Pequeñas Pero Potentes

Purchasing Time:September 19, 2020

Purchase Quantity:20pcs

Installation Location:Warehouse Door

Product Information: This Is a Small Solar Light, 96led, Remote Control With Timing Function, Small Size And Cheap Price, High Cost Performance!

Communication Process: The Customer Is From Mexico, The Customer’s Request: Cost-Effective, With a Mounting Rod, No Need To Be Lit All The Time! So We Recommended This Small 96led Solar Light For Our Customers, With PIR Motion Sensing Function, The Customer Is Very Satisfied After Installation!



2.Buyer Information:

night solar light

Real Customer Feedback:These Are Smaller Than Expected But The Remote Sensors Work Well And They Put Out Very Good Light In a Small Area Like a Doorway Or Hallway,For The Price Their Worth It

Purchasing Time:September 15, 2020

Purchase Quantity:10pcs

Installation Location:Hallway

Product Information: This Is An All-In-One Small Solar Light With Bright Led Beads And Pir Function To Meet The Needs Of Most Buyers!

Communication Process: The Customer Is From The United States, Customer Requirements: Beautiful Appearance, High Cost Performance, Installed At His Door And Corridor, Convenient For Night Travel! We Recommend This One For Our Customers. The All-In-One Solar Light Includes Poles And Mounting Screws. The Motion Sensor Meets The Customer’s Purchasing Needs Very Well! Let Customers Travel Safer At Night!

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