Solar Street Light Dusk To Dawn

Product Introduction

This is a large-sized solar panel, the large-capacity battery can light up all night, and the installation is simple, it is your high-quality choice!

High Quality Split Solar Street Light Dusk To Dawn Manufacturer

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pole for solar street light
solar street light pole
solar street light with pole
solar street lights for sale

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Solar Street Light Dusk To Dawn Detail

Solar street light reviews:Amazon’s solar street lamp is a hot seller,This is a split solar street lamp, which is controlled by an intelligent controller during the day and uses solar panels to capture and convert solar energy into electricity. During the day, the solar energy charges the panels, and at night, the panels power an LED light source for lighting.

The DC controller can ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to overcharging and discharging, and our solar lamp also has brightness control, time setting, temperature conversion, self-protection of thunderstorm and other functions.

Battery module support: Tilt Angle design; In order to ensure that the solar cell module can receive solar radiation all year round, the Angle of the solar cell module support is 35°.

And solar products do not need to install underground cables or pay for electricity. It is mainly installed in urban roads, residential areas, industrial areas, tourist attractions, park green belt and other places of lighting.

For solar street lamps, this is a long-term investment because the wiring is very simple, there is no maintenance cost, and it does not generate very expensive electricity.

The split-type solar street lamp separates the board lamp, with stronger energy storage function and brighter brightness. Split solar street lamp is one of the best solar street lamp choices.

Solar Street Light Dusk To Dawn Parameter

LED Beads456PCS
Product Size495*210*58mm
Solar Panel6V 25W Polycrystalline
Battery3.2v / 25000mAh
Charging Duration5~8H
Inductive Distance3-8m
Illumination Range150m²
Color Temperature7000k
Shell MaterialAluminum Alloy
Solar Street Light Product Size

                                         180W                                                                                                      240W

solar light

This solar street light has two models of 180W and 240W for you to choose from. It has super brightness, wide irradiation range and IP65 waterproof, and can be used for 8-12 hours after charging,and has 10M Remote Control :This street lamp has a remote control mode, which can control the street lamp in the range of 10M. There are four adjustable modes of the street lamp: 1: Timed off for 3 hours 2: Timed off for 5 hours 3: Timed off for8 hours 4: Normally open mode

Relevant Packing Cases
  • Lamp Holder*1pc
  • Solar Panel*1pc
  • Manual *1pc
  • Remote Control *1pc
  • Remote Control Battery*2pcs
  • Installation Screw* One Set
  • Pole* One Set


Q1. What Are The Advantages Of This Solar Street Light?

A1. Split Design, Larger Solar Panels Can Convert More Electricity!


Q2. Can This Solar Street Light Be Lit All Night?

A2. If There Is Enough Light, Yes, It Can Be Lit All Night!


Q3. Can You Provide Larger Size Solar Panels And Larger Capacity Batteries?

A3. Yes, We Can Provide Customized Service For Both Solar Panels And Batteries!


Q4. Can I Install Solar Street Lights By Myself?

A4. Yes, The Installation Is Very Simple, We Provide You With Mounting Screws, You Just Need To Adjust The Position Of The Solar Panel, You Can Easily Install It!


Q5. Why Doesn’t The Accessories Include The Hoop?

A5. Because Most Buyers Install On The Wall, We Have Provided Mounting Rods And Screws, If You Need To Install On The Column, We Can Provide You With a Hoop!


Q6. Can The Light Color Of Solar Street Light Be Customized?

A6. The Standard Color Is White Light, If You Need Warm Light, Yes, We Can Customize It!


Q7. What Material Is The Shell Of This Solar Street Light?

A7. Aluminum Alloy, Better Heat Dissipation!

Solar Lights For Yard Case

1.Buyer Information

solar lights solar light outdoor dusk to dawn solar light dusk to dawn

Real Customer Feedback:It’s Very Suitable For Garden Installation, I Didn’t Expect It To Be So Bright!

Purchasing Time:August 25, 2021

Purchase Quantity:Sixteen

Installation Location:Courtyard、Road

Product Information:This Street Light Is Separated From The Solar Panel, And Has Zero Electricity Bills Throughout The Year. It Is Not Afraid Of Rainy Days. It Has a Remote Control Distance Of 8 To 10 Meters And Automatic Light Control Induction. We Can Customize The Battery Capacity, Number Of Lamp Beads, Model, Light Color, Logo For You. . .

Communication Process:The Customer Who Bought This Lamp Is From France. Since He First Introduced His Split-Type Street Lamp, He Has Been Looking For Us To Place Orders One After Another. He Likes This Street Lamp Very Much And Installed It In His Yard



2.Buyer Information

solar light walkway solar light poles


Real Customer Feedback:Very Nice And Quick Service. The Seller Is Patient And Explained In Detail. The Quality Is Nothing To Say. It Is Very Nice Effortable Price. Cost Effectivepurchasing Time:January 14, 2022

Purchase Quantity:Two

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:This Solar Street Light Can Be Remotely Controlled For Timing And Light Control. The Shell Is Made Of Anti-Oxidation Die-Casting Aluminum, Which Dissipates Heat Faster, Lowers Temperature And Has a Longer Lifespan. Using Core Technology, It Can Be Charged Even In Cloudy And Rainy Days, And It Can Also Automatically Adjust The Power Consumption. The Light Also Has a Power Indicator And a Charging Indicator, So You Can Easily See How Much Power Is Left And Whether It Is Charging.

Communication Process:This Is a Client From Cambodia, He Wants To Install a Few Lights In His Yard To Light Up The Yard Without Taking Up Too Much Space, And It Can Be Bright All Night. We Recommended The Split Solar Street Light For Him, He Can Be Installed On The Wall Or On The Pole, The Customer Is Very Happy To Receive It



3.Buyer Information:

solar light stakes house numbers with solar light 

Real Customer Feedback:Very Bright, Long Battery Life, Praise, Long-Term Cooperation

Purchasing Time:October 9, 2021

Purchase Quantity:Twelve

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:This Is a Split Solar Street Light With Wide Lighting, Long Battery Life, Remote Control Timing, 432 Large Led Lamp Beads, Enlarged Solar Panels, Large Capacity Lithium Batteries, Thick Explosion-Proof Glass, And Nano-Reflector Cups. Three Installation Methods: Pole Installation, Wall Installation, And Cement Pole Installation.

Communication Process:This Is a Customer From Cambodia. He Needs Street Lights To Illuminate His Yard And The Surrounding Of His House. He Chose This Split Street Light. It Has Large Battery Capacity, Large Solar Panels, Very High Brightness, Affordable Price, And The Customer Is Very Satisfied.

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