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Product Introduction

This is a circular solar street light that can emit light 360°, and because of the motion sensor, the street light has a longer standby time! The included remote makes your control even more convenient!

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Amazon Solar Street Light
Best Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light Led
UFO Solar Street Light
Amazon Solar Street Light
Best Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light Led
UFO Solar Street Light

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Solar Light Outdoor Detail

Solar street light review: solar street light is lighting is given priority to, for the purpose of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency project (more) silicon solar cells, using sealed and maintenance-free battery energy storage, high efficient energy-saving lamp lighting, high luminous efficiency, high brightness, and USES the advanced charge and discharge and the lighting control circuit, photosensitive control performance Stable, easy to install, no need for human control and management.

Dc power supply, no need to lay cables and wires, no need for AC power supply and electricity, energy saving, economic, environmental protection, practical (to ensure continuous rainy days 3-7 days), long life (solar cells can be used for 15 to 20 years, batteries can be used for 3 to 5 years), is the future of outdoor lighting development direction.

Let me introduce the advantages of solar street lamps:

High sensitive sensor probe: Smart solar street light is equipped with high sensitive human body sensor probe, sensing range of up to 3~8m, the brightness of street lamp can be adjusted intelligently.

High quality polysilicon solar panel: integrated solar street lamp adopts large area of high quality polysilicon solar panel, higher solar energy conversion efficiency, longer power supply time, make full use of solar energy, efficient charging, automatic light after dark, without manual control.

Large capacity battery: good battery life, enough to store sunshine all day long, continuous power in rainy days, stable use, convenient storage.

IP65 waterproof: solar lamp outdoor with professional waterproof design, high waterproof grade, long service life, rainy days sustainable lighting.

Outdoor solar street light can be installed in road lighting, new countryside, courtyard, city lighting and so on.

Solar Street Light Outdoor Parameter

light SourceHigh Luminous Efficiency 5730 Chips
Solar Panels6V 18W
LED Quantity400PCS
Charging Time 5 ~8Hours
Lighting Time   >10 Hours
Product Size550*125mm
Lighting mode Light Induction + Motion Sensor +Remote Control
Relevant Packing Cases



  • One UFO light
  • A pole
  • A remote control
  • A pair of dry batteries
  • A set of mounting screws
  • A manual

Q1: Do You Have Any MOQ Limit For Solar Light Order?
A1: We Can Provide You With a Minimum Of 1 Sample For Testing, And We Support Mixed Batches!


Q2: What Is The Cost Of Purchasing Samples?
A2:If You Have Bulk Purchase Needs, We Can Provide You With Free Solar Light Samples, You Only Need To Pay For Shipping!


Q3: How Long Does The Sample Production Cycle Take?
A3: The Sample Production Cycle Takes About 1~3 Days, And The Special Customized Sample (Including Logo Customization, Packaging Customization) Takes About 3~10 Days!


Q4: How Soon Can i Receive Samples?
A4: If You Use Express Shipping (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT), The Shipping Cycle Will Take About 7~15 Working Days!


Q5: Can We Customize Logo And Packaging?
A5: We Accept Customization, If The Number Of Customizations Is Too Small, a Fee Will Be Charged For Customization. If Customized In Large Quantities, Customization Is Free!


Q6: What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
A6: Available Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, t/t, Paypal, Apple_Pay, Google_Pay, Gc_Real_Time_Bank_Transfer


Q7: Can i Pay In CNY If i Have a Forwarder?
A7: We Accept Payment In CNY And Can Ship Solar Lights To Your China Agent Address


Q8: What Are Your Payment Terms?

A8: We Accept Deposits, The Final Payment Will Be Settled Before Shipment(We Will Give You Photo Or Video Confirmation Of The Goods Before Shipment)!


Q9: Do You Offer Door To Door Delivery?
A9: We Can Provide Door-To-Door Double Clearance Service, If You Can Give Me The Detailed Address Zip Code, We Can Calculate The Shipping Cost For You!


Q10: Can you make our design or put our logo on the product?

A10: Sure, we can make your own design or put your logo on the product or product packaging, please free to contact us and send your design or inquiry to our email (Whats app or WeChat).

UFO Solar Street Light Case

1.Buyer Information

solar-light-outdoor solar-lights-for-yard

Real Customer Feedback:The Packaging Is Very Good, The Installation Is Convenient, The Illuminated Area Is Very Wide, And The Light Is Bright And It Can Be Charged On Cloudy Days.

Purchasing Time:October 9, 2021

Purchase Quantity:Twenty

Installation Location:Garden

Product Information:This Solar Street Light Is a Circular Design, With 5 Lamp Heads, a Total Of 400 Lamp Beads, a 360° Irradiation Range, Can Be Lit All Night, And Is Easy To Install, No Wiring And Electricity Costs, Waterproof And Dustproof

Communication Process:This Is a Client From Cambodia, He Needs a Light To Illuminate His Estate, Because His Estate Is Very Big, He Doesn’t Want Wiring, He Wants To Save Electricity Bills, So I Recommended This 360° Lighting To Him And It Is a Solar Street Light. The Customer Received It And Installed It Quickly And Was Very Satisfied. This Light Met All His Requirements: Simple Installation, Zero Electricity Bill, Large Illumination Range, High Luminosity, With Human Body Sensing Function, And Remote Control.



2.Buyer Information:

solar-light-post bright-outdoor-solar-light

Real Customer Feedback:The Lamp Has Been Installed, It Is Super Bright, The Product Quality Is Good, The Style Is Very Good, The Operation Is Simple And Practical, And The Brightness Is Bright Enough

Purchasing Time:December 17, 2021

Purchase Quantity:Twenty

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:This Solar Street Light Is Suitable For Streets, Yards, And Manors. It Adopts High-Quality Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panels, Which Can Be Charged When There Is Light. The Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency Is Strong, And The Built-In Large-Capacity Lithium Iron Carbonate Battery Can Be Bright All Night. It Has Human Body Sensing Function And Can Be Remotely Controlled. You Can Time The Lighting Time And Adjust The Brightness Of The Lights.

Communication Process:This Is a Customer From Vietnam. He Needs To Install a Light In The Yard Of His Own Home To Facilitate The Family To Move In And Out Of The Yard. In The End, He Chose This Ufo Solar Street Light. He Chose The Way Of Wall Installation, So As Not To Occupy Place. Since The Installation Of This Lamp, He And His Home Have Been Very Convenient To Enter And Exit, Because The Lamp Will Automatically Absorb Sunlight To Charge During The Day, And Automatically Turn On When It Is Dark. At Night, They Can Have a Party And Barbecue In The Yard Without Worrying About The Light.



3.Buyer Information:

Led-Solar-Light solar-light-wall

Real Customer Feedback:Very Pleasant Shopping, The Street Lights Illuminate a Large Area, And The Whole Yard Becomes Brighter.

Purchasing Time:December 5, 2021

Purchase Quantity:Two

Installation Location:Courtyard

Product Information:This Street Light Can Illuminate 360°, With a Very Large Illumination Range And It Is Bright Enough, Has Human Body Sensing Function And Has a Remote Control, Which Can Time The Lighting Time And Adjust The Brightness.

Communication Process:This Is a Customer From The Philippines. His Yard Needs Street Lights To Illuminate, But He Doesn’t Want To Wire And Pull Electricity. We Recommend This Solar Street Light To Him, Which Meets His Needs For No Wiring, No Electricity Bills, And Easy Installation. Satisfied Customers

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