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Product Description

TB35-N Timer switch is a kind of time-controller, mainly applied in controlling variety of electrical equipment automatically in a cycling way.It’s easy to operate, and widely used in controlling system, such as mechanical equipment, advertisements lamp box, breeding, irrigation,Lighting, water heater,agriculture facilities, broadcasting equipment, home appliance, etc.

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TB35N Timer
TB35N Timer1
TB35N Timer2
TB35N Timer3
TB35N Timer
TB35N Timer1
TB35N Timer2
TB35N Timer3

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Timer Switch TB35-N Detail

This is a newly upgraded timer with stable performance, strong anti-interference, durability, precision workmanship, accurate timing, flame-retardant casing, corrosion resistance, strict control of material safety, and can ensure good use in harsh environments Life, up to 48 switches can be set, the longest control time is 24 hours, the switching time can be cycled infinitely, the battery can continue to supply power after a power failure, and the battery can also be replaced, waterproof and dustproof, easy to deal with, and the quality is worth guaranteeing guaranteeing

Battery Style

                Green Battery                                      Red Battery

Timer(Green battery) Timer(Red battery

Two battery styles for your choice

  • Timing Range: 15 Minutes ~24 Hours
  • Standard Voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz
  • Contact Capacity: 15A
  • Battery: Rechargeable NI-MH battery
  • Minimum set time : 15 Minutes
  • Maximum set time: 24 Hours

Hot Selling TB388 TB35N 15 Minutes 24 Hours 50hz Charger Battery Mechanical Time Timer Switch


 How to use TB388

1. Set the operating time:

   Set the setting pin between the desired times to the inside or outside fo dial.

   Set the setting pin to the outside fo dial:ON-state is reached at that time. If the setting pin is set to the outside continuously,ON-state continues only for NO. of setting pins *15mins.

   Set the setting pin to the outside fully until a click is heard.

   If the setting pin is set to the inside ,at that time, the output is placed in OFF-state.

   When your desired time is close to the present time position.turn the minute control knob and set it apart from the position before setting.


2.Adjust the present time:

    Turn the minute control knob in the center clock unit in the direction of the arrow and adjust the time.


3.Set the manual switch:

    Use this switch to select either turning ON or OFF in manual or ON/OFF in the operation program. 

“AUTO”: output is turned ON andOFF caaording to the set program.

Manual”ON”:Output is turned ON irrespective of the program.(permanent ON)

Manual”OFF”:Output is turned OFF irrespective of the program.(Permanent OFF)

*After completion of test operation,set the manual switch to “AUTO”.

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