The Best High Quality Led Solar Powered Street Light

Product Description

This is the latest hot-selling high-quality waterproof solar street light, with light control and human sensor, equipped with remote control, convenient and reliable, this solar street light pole adopts a new design, which is retractable and can also be hidden inside, which is convenient to carry out.

Latest Design Retractable Solar Street Light

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Led Solar Street Light Detail

Overview: This is a light tracker solar sensor lamp, using ABS material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, highlighting imported LED5730 lamp beads, luminous uniform, dark automatically bright, radar human body induction, rainy days electricity, light control plus human body induction and remote control function.

First talk about light control and human body induction: it is dark automatically open full bright mode, dawn automatically turn off the lights, people come to full bright, people go trace, the induction mode, convenient and fast

Remote control function: remote control can be set timing, you can choose their own time to set.

Our street light solar using polysilicon solar panels, daytime automatic charging, photoelectric conversion rate is high, the light source upgrade energy saving and environmental protection, strong performance, the use of LED bright dimming chip, brightness relative to the conventional chip to bright, with good reliability, high safety, long life and other characteristics, fast heat dissipation, energy saving, high security.

Our best solar street light adopts waterproof IP65 design and has been tested for waterproof grade for many times. It is not afraid of thunderstorms and does not affect the internal parts. Enjoy it outdoors and don’t worry about lightning and thunder when it rains and rains.

Led solar street light should be installed in a variety of scenarios: can be installed on the wall, lamp pole or telegraph pole, installation barrier-free

Led Solar Light Outdoor Parameter

Number of LED Beads:
280PCS SMD5730
320PCS SMD5730
720PCS SMD2835
Product Size :
Solar Panel:
6V 15W Polycrystalline
6V 15W      Polycrystalline

6V 15W 

Battery : 
Lithium Iron Phosphate 32650 / 3.2v 12000mA
Lithium Iron                Phosphate 32650 / 3.2v 12000mA
Lithium Iron Phosphate 32650 / 3.2v 12000mA
Control Method
light control + human body induction + remote control
Charging Duration:
Lighting Time:
Lighting time: When fully charged, it can be on for 11 hours. Induction mode, can be bright for 2-3 nights
Inductive Distance:
Illumination Range:
Relevant Packing Cases
solar lights 11



  • One light
  • A pole
  • A remote control
  • A pair of dry batteries
  • A set of mounting screws
  • A manual

Q1. What is the moQ of this solar street lamp?

A1.1 PC


Q2. What’s the new design of this lamp?

A2. The pole is retractable and has built-in concealment


Q3. What are the features of this lamp?

A3. There are two styles, but the lamp beads are different. There are three kinds for you to choose from


Q4. How to pay?

A4. We can be added on the homepage, and you can also send inquiries to us. We are online 24 hours a day, and we will serve you immediately after seeing it


Q5. How long will it take to deliver after payment?

A5. Depending on the purchase quantity, the goods can be delivered within 3-5 working days if it is less, and about 7-10 working days if it is more


Q6. Can I customize the logo?

A6. Yes, but only a certain number can be customized

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