Wifi Security Outdoor Waterproof Ring Solar Powered Camera

Solar Camera Product Introduction

In recent years, in the traditional camera monitoring, solar powered camera, a real to take off the “line” the mode of remote camera transmission, is a peculiar and quietly bloomed. Solar wireless camera mode, slowly from a concept, become a kind of practical engineering case, walk into people’s horizons.

Outdoor Solar Powered Camera Security Chinese Factory

Solar camera
Solar camera1
Solar camera5
Solar camera6
Solar camera
Solar camera1
Solar camera5
Solar camera6

Ring Solar Camera Detail

Since the system mainly adopts the wireless transmission of renewable new energy power supply mode, so the system has: no trench burying line, no municipal power transmission and transformation equipment, no consumption, low maintenance cost, low voltage shock risk.
There are two kinds of wireless video surveillance data transmission methods suitable for solar cameras, one is wireless WIFI based on computer network, the other is based on 4G network of telecom operators. Both networks have their own advantages and users can choose a targeted one.
Our solar cameras have 4 g, hd video recording, two-way voice, mobile monitoring, high-definition infrared night vision and motion detecting and alarm information push, cloud storage, video loop, fast heat dissipation, also can off-line monitoring, many users to share, the advantages of simple and easy to install, also use the properties of waterproof, not afraid of wind and rain, can be at ease use

Solar Camera Security Product Parameters

Note: The product contains batteries and solar panels, but does not contain a storage card. If you need a storage card, please contact us.

Product Model 
Main Chipste
1/2.7″ Progressive Scan CMOS
Compression Mode
Video Stream
Power Model 
Solar Panel+ 18650 Battery
Solar Power
Battery Volume
Max 18650 * 6pcs
Max Working Power
Outdoor, Indoor
Working Temperature
-30℃ ~+60℃
IP66 Water-proof

Q1. What is the minimum order quantity for this solar camera?

A1. 1pc


Q2. What can you buy from us?

A2.Solar Light,Solar Street Light,Solar Flame Light,Solar Flood Light,Solar Garden Light

Q3. what services can we provide?

A3.Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF;

Accepted Payment Currency:USD;

Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,Credit Card,PayPal;

Language Spoken:English,Chinese


Q4. How long will it take to deliver after payment?

A4. About 7 to 10 working days


Q5. Can I order a sample?

A5. Ok

Outdoor Solar Camera Security Chinese Factory Case

1.Buyer Information

Wifi-Security-Outdoor-Waterproof-Ring-Solar-Powered-Camera2 Wifi-Security-Outdoor-Waterproof-Ring-Solar-Powered-Camera2

Buyer information:Russia

Real feedback:The camera quality is good, the image is clear and the appearance is beautiful.

Purchasing time:2021.12.27

Purchase quantity:1pcs

Installation location:outdoor

Product Information:This product is a solar monitoring without network outdoor monitor, this product is a 4G solar outdoor smart camera, solar power generation, no network, no need to plug in. Remote alarm can be monitored by mobile phone, 360-degree panoramic cruise. This product uses monocrystalline silicon high-efficiency solar panel, low-light charging. High charging efficiency, sufficient power and long battery life.

Communication Process:This is a customer from Russia who wants to buy a solar camera because solar camera does not require electricity and broadband. And because of the use of solar charging, this product is not afraid of cold weather and can operate normally under any circumstances. After seeing this product, the customer also felt good and successfully placed the order. After the customer receives the goods, they are also very satisfied with the presentation of the product.


2.Buyer Information

Wifi-Security-Outdoor-Waterproof-Ring-Solar-Powered-Camera2 Wifi-Security-Outdoor-Waterproof-Ring-Solar-Powered-Camera2

Buyer information:Vietnam

Real feedback:This product is good, the image is clear, it can automatically track, the sensitivity is very good, the standby time is long, it is worth buying.

Purchasing time:2021.09.28

Purchase quantity:2pcs

Installation location:outdoor

Product Information:This product is solar monitoring, no network outdoor monitor, no electricity and no Internet, 4G outdoor 360-degree mobile phone remote high-definition monitoring. The safe and environmentally friendly power explosion-proof battery is used. When the internal pressure of the battery cell is too large, the explosion-proof device will automatically open the pressure relief to prevent explosion, and this product has a built-in large-capacity battery, which can last for a long time and adopts a large solar panel. , charging fast. Environmentally friendly battery pack, sufficient power storage, longer working time.

Communication Process:This is a customer from Vietnam. The customer needs to buy a camera on the balcony of his house to prevent burglars and theft. Our customer recommended this solar monitor, and the customer also felt good after seeing this product. Because this product uses solar panels to charge, no need to pay electricity bills will save customers a lot of money, so customers think this product is good, after receiving the goods, the customer installed this product immediately, and saw the product The customer is very satisfied after the effect.

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