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  •  Q&ASolar Fan-Buy Good Solar FanWhat are the advantages of using solar energy?
  • What are the advantages of solar fans?
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Q&ASolar Fan-Buy Good Solar FanAdvantages of solar energy

1. The greatest characteristic of solar energy is its great energy. On earth, no energy source can compare with solar energy. Solar energy is the radiant energy released by the hot nuclear fusion reactions inside the sun. The amount of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface each year is about 13 trillion tons of standard coal, or 10,000 times the total amount of energy currently consumed worldwide each year.

2.Solar energy is a typical renewable energy with typical reproducibility.

3.Solar energy is long in time, for human beings, can be said to be permanent, infinite.

4.Solar energy is extensive, on the entire surface of the earth, almost all of the sun’s light.

5.Solar energy is completely clean energy, does not emit any pollution gas and harmful substances.

6.Solar energy is the only energy source that can keep the temperature of the atmosphere in balance without warming the climate.

7.Solar energy is the safest and most reliable energy source.

8.The development and utilization of solar energy can maintain the overall balance of nature.

9.The application of solar energy is not limited by mining, transportation and storage conditions.

Q&ASolar Fan-Buy Good Solar Fanthe advantages of solar fans

1, the reserves of “unlimited” : the sun every second radiation energy is about 118668kW, a year to reach the earth’s surface of the total solar energy equivalent to standard coal is about 12046596 billion tons, is the world’s main energy proven reserves of 10,000 times. Compared with the limitation of conventional energy, solar energy has the “infinity” of inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

2, the existence of universal: compared with other energy sources, solar energy for the vast majority of the earth has the existence of universal, can be used locally. This provides a bright prospect for countries and regions that lack conventional energy to solve their energy problems.

3, the use of clean: like wind power, tidal power and other clean energy, the development and utilization of solar energy almost produces no pollution.

The direct use of solar energy by human beings has three major technical fields, namely photothermal conversion, photoelectric conversion and photochemical conversion, in addition, and energy storage technology.  Solar thermal conversion technology products are many, such as water heaters, water heaters, dryers, heating and cooling, greenhouses and solar houses, solar stoves and high temperature furnaces, seawater desalination units, water pumps, thermal power generation units and solar medical appliances.

Why solar fans do not generate electricity with sunlight?Q&ASolar Fan-Buy Good Solar Fan

Usually the solar panel can press down the current (not the maximum short-circuit current) when charging, draw about the maximum output current, and can accept the maximum charging current of the battery, and can not fully utilize the battery charging current. Battery.

1. The crystalline silicon arrangement is found by high voltage or high current reflow.

2. The electrode wire is broken due to thermal expansion and cold contraction.

3. The internal moisture-proof wire is corroded due to waterproof and poor workmanship.

4. Due to the long-term output of photovoltaic panels from the factory. More time states result in photovoltaic panels not generating electricity.



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