Solar Fan – Clean Into Life

Solar fan – Clean into life

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It is well known that the solar energy fan is cool and refreshing summer necessary tools, using solar power generation technology, energy saving zero power consumption, can have the wind light, low db operation, enjoy the quiet and cool and refreshing soft wind, wick high quality, durable, high capacity battery, let you customize the usage scenario, meet different needs, the following first talk about the working principle of solar electric fan for:

First, the functional principle of solar electric fan

1.Summary of the function of the solar energy fan solar panel light is the sun’s light energy through the silicon slice, convert light energy into electrical energy, for electric coil in the magnetic USB Portable Solar Small Fanfield force and rotation, the energy form is changed into light energy into electrical energy, electrical energy into mechanical energy Of course because of the coil resistance part of the electrical energy into heat energy.

2. Working principle Light energy is converted into electrical energy, which makes the fan blades rotate and produce wind, but why do people feel cool? Because the human body surface due to a lot of sweat, when the fan blade rotation, the air will flow up, so it can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat a lot of heat will be absorbed by evaporation, so people will feel cool.

Then I would like to introduce our two new mini solar electric fans. If you like light and convenient to carry, you can choose h-T7 and H-T8, which are on our latest shelves

Second,Introduction of H-T7 solar fanmini solar power fan

1.This is A new type of solar suspension comfort fan, solar fan is 5W, 6W single crystal silicon A board 6V, the charger is 2A data cable, charging time 2-3 hours, use time 4-12 hours, the fan color is white, improved packaging, portable packaging, gifts, easy to carry. Two kinds of charging modes, solar energy and USB charging ways, not restricted, follow one’s inclinations, zero for the whole year, no wiring, easy to carry, the three gear combination, free wind speed switch, wide-angle air supply, the imitating natural wind, low noise quiet, only the wind, no sound, quiet air supply, also equipped with LED small night light, sweet night light function, meet the demand of your life, The night can brighten, brighten the darkness for you.

USB Portable Solar Small FanFinally,Brief introduction of H-T8 solar fan

1.This is a small retractable solar fan, which can automatically adjust the height you want. It is easy and convenient. The solar panel used is 6.5W monocrystalline silicon A panel 6V. Floor type and desktop dual-use solar fan, equivalent to buy two styles of fan, and folded about 20cm after storage, storage is very convenient, can also carry out, one of the good ways to cool down in summer, to meet the needs of various shapes, stretching about 1 meters. Air supply can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees, and equipped with mobile phone support function, so that you feel the natural wind from nature, enjoy life, and light weight, convenient to carry, the appearance is white, giving a simple and advanced feeling, you deserve it!

An overview: If you like this kind of light and fan, I strongly push us both, if you need the home fans, that we have other style of solar fan, want to know more that concern us, we are updated regularly, recommend more good things for you, thank you for taking the time to watch our updates, if you are interested, you can know our products through our links page, You can also send inquiries to us, we have professional services for you, to provide a good quotation, interested in contact with us, let us open a business story, establish partners!


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