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No need to worry about outdoor lighting——HOLSO Solar Flood Light

With the progress and popularization of solar energy technology, solar flood light are gradually coming into public view. Compared with ordinary outdoor lighting, solar lighting has a significant advantage of daytime charging, night lighting, both energy saving and environmental protection, gradually began to replace the municipal lighting, become the new favor of rural construction, courtyard.

Solar Flood LightAs a professional brand of solar outdoor lamp, HOLSO has many years of professional technology in the research and development of solar outdoor lamp, to achieve lighting freedom for thousands of families. For example, this solar lamp, not only a drag a simple installation, but also timing, light control, remote control and other lighting mode selection, electricity “arbitrary”, from indoor to outdoor can be achieved free electricity.

solar flood light6The solar flood lamp is placed outdoors and needs to be exposed to the “sun and rain” all year round, so HOLSO also pays attention to the selection of materials. HOLSO solar projector adopts aerospace technology. The front side is tempered glass panel and the back side is die-cast aluminum shell. The whole machine is solid and durable. The built-in space core photovoltaic panel, not only absorption fast, high conversion, but also fast charging, long life, rainy weather can also be barrier-free charging, 0 cost of use throughout the year.

solar flood light7

Electricity safety is also an important topic of people’s platitude, especially the frequent occurrence of fire accidents caused by short circuit, battery heating and other factors. HOLSO solar projection lamp breaks the limitation of the complex wiring of traditional lamps and implements the installation mode of 0 wiring. It has its “place” in outdoor places such as courtyards and gardens, outdoor doorways, rural roads and sports venues. There is no space, limited installation and no trouble in lighting.

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The battery is the core of the solar projector, and its performance is closely related to the service life of the solar projector. HOLSO solar flood lamp adopts lithium battery, which achieves the quality of new energy vehicle battery. It can not only withstand high temperature and withstand the hot, high temperature and exposure environment in summer, but also has double protection of built-in protection plate and protection ring, which is safe, stable and not easy to explode.

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In terms of charging life, HOLSO solar projector light has super long lighting life, charging 4 hours can last 20 hours of lighting, to avoid the risk of sudden power failure at night; In addition, IP65 waterproof, anti-electricity and anti-corrosion performance, effectively prevent rain infiltration caused by short circuit and other dangers, provide multiple protection for safety performance, even rainy weather can also be used normally. In addition, it also added a charging indicator, can display the actual solar charging, so that users can more intuitively control the power.

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HOLSO solar projection lamp with excellent product performance, humanized function design, to meet the user’s more refined lighting needs. If your home also has outdoor lighting needs, might as well pay attention to this cost-effective HOLSO solar projection lamp!

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