Solar Garden Lights Provide a Guarantee for People to Walk Safely Night

light Solar garden lights provide a guarantee for people to walk safely at night:

Since solar garden lights are better than incandescent lights in energy saving, even in the case of large-scale production, the product development speed will be faster than the application of traditional incandescent lights, but for now,the price of solar garden lights is also higher than that of traditional garden lights, but as more and more people know and bear it, and the scale of production is slowly rolled out, the price of solar garden lights will soon reach the level of traditional garden lights.

moenyIf you count an energy-saving account when purchasing garden lights, you will find that even at the current higher price, on the basis of one year of use, the initial purchase cost + 1-year electricity bill is lower than incandescent lamps and electronic energy-saving. lamp. The service life of solar garden lights can now be as high as 30,000 hours. Solar garden lights will gradually replace incandescent lamps and become the main force of urban lighting and commercial lighting.

The solar garden light is composed of a lamp holder, a radiator, a bulb, a solar panel, and an LED light panel. Its bulb refers to the transparent shell in the front. In the past, incandescent lamps were all made of glass, but in LED garden lights, Because of its heavy weight, it is more than 5 times heavier than incandescent lamps. If it is made of glass, it is easy to break when it falls on the ground. Because, generally, LED garden lights use plastic as the bubble shell to prevent damage.

solar landscape light1

With the continuous improvement and development of urban construction, solar garden lights are also constantly extending. Many communities, parks, squares, etc. have begun to use solar garden lights as the lighting source of green belts. Solar garden lights can not only light up the whole The space provides a ray of light for people returning home, and adds a decorative effect to the whole place. It is an indispensable green lighting for urban construction nowadays.

solar garden lights

Solar garden lights, as the name suggests, are mainly lamps designed in lawns or flower beds. The delicate appearance and soft lighting add a lot of safety and beauty to the urban green space landscape. Moreover, solar garden lights generally have the characteristics of convenient installation and strong decoration, and are generally used in decorative lighting of green belts in parks, gardens, squares, communities and other places.

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Solar garden lights mainly use the energy of solar cells to work. When the sun shines on the solar cells during the day, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery, and then the battery is the light-emitting diode of the solar garden light at night. body provides power. Compared with ordinary solar garden lights, it is safer, energy-saving, convenient and environmentally friendly.

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Solar garden lights, some of which are made into unique animal or plant simulation shapes, placed in the lawn, are as beautiful as sculptures. There are also many attention to the arrangement of solar garden lights and the spacing of solar garden lights. Too many solar garden light manufacturers will make the whole space appear stiff, and if they are too rare, the whole space will become monotonous.


Under normal circumstances, solar garden lights will be properly encrypted near steps, grass, corners, and flower beds. This arrangement not only beautifies the environment, but also provides a guarantee for the safety of people walking at night.

  1. Solar garden lights are the needs of environmental decoration and travel. Under normal circumstances, the distance should be 6-8 meters.
  2. Solar garden lights with a height of 0.5 meters and energy-saving lamps with a light source of about 23W require a spacing of about 11 meters.
  3. If the solar garden light source uses 36W or 70W metal halide lamps and sodium lamps, the distance between them is 6-10 meters.

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