Solar lighting garden lights to buy tips

Solar lighting garden lights to buy tips:Warm prompt

Solar lights have become quite popular over the years, especially in rural areas, where solar-powered garden lights are popular.Solar lighting garden lights are favored by the majority of users, mainly due to its several advantages: easy to install, safe to use, the whole year without electricity.

But a lot of people buy solar lighting garden lights often appear not enough brightness, light time is not long and other problems, so it can be seen that how to buy solar lighting garden lights to avoid stepping on pits is particularly important.

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How to choose the best solar garden light?

  • If you want to buy solar lighting garden lights without stepping on pits, you first need to choose regular brands. The regular brands produced by big factories do not need to worry about these problems. Take Sichuan Holso Technology Co., LTD., for example, this is an enterprise engaged in the production of solar lamps for more than ten years, its products have obtained CCC, CE, ROHS, and other authoritative quality certification, product quality is guaranteed, this is our advantage.
  • After choosing the brand, all that remains is to choose the size and size of the solar illuminated garden light according to your needs.Take the little solar lighting courtyard lamp as an example, 40 watts illuminate the area of about 70 square meters, 60 watts illuminate the area of about 100 square meters, 100 watts illuminate the area of about 150 square meters, 150 watts illuminate the area of about 200 square meters.
  • In addition to the normal quality requirements, there are now higher requirements for solar-illuminated garden lights. And with the development of solar technology, some previously insurmountable problems have been solved, including the difficulty of lighting on rainy days.


We solves this problem from four aspects:

  1. First, new large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery. Enough power is the basis for keeping the lights on.
  2. Second, high conversion rate solar panels. Spot solar outdoor wall lamp uses high conversion rate solar panels, the conversion rate of solar energy has been greatly improved, so that the rainy day to get more electricity conversion.
  3. Third, energy-efficient LED lamp beads. More than 40% energy saving than ordinary LED beads, can greatly reduce consumption, prolong the time of light.
  4. Fourth, rainy and cloudy intelligent control system, according to the weather can automatically adjust the brightness of the solar lamp and light time, so that the solar lamp in rainy and cloudy can also have enough light for a long time.


Are you interested in solar outdoor wall lamps that can turn on normally even on rainy days? If you want to, you can go to Holso lighting and buy your favorite solar lighting garden lights.

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