Tell Everyone How to Extend the Lighting Time of Solar Street Lights

Tell everyone how to extend the lighting time of solar street lights

Solar street lights provide many benefits to both urban and rural areas. Energy saving, consumption reduction, and convenient installation are good choices for many government projects and rural lighting. However, some people find that the lighting time of solar energy is very short in the process of using solar street lights. Short, what is the reason for this? Next, HOLSO will tell you how to extend the lighting time of solar street lights? Mainly from the following points.

  • 1.Overcast and rainy days

When the solar street light outdoor encounters cloudy and rainy days, due to poor light, the solar cell components cannot be converted or the conversion is low, which causes the charging capacity to be lower than the discharging capacity, resulting in a long-term lack of battery power, resulting in shorter lighting time at night. When the weather improves, charging for two days will restore the previous lighting time.

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  • 2.Battery storage is reduced

The reduction of battery storage power is the most common problem encountered by solar street lights at night. The energy supply and storage of solar street lights are basically carried out by batteries, and solar batteries have a certain lifespan. Now the commonly used solar street lights have colloidal batteries. The service life of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries is generally 3-5 years, and the service life of lithium batteries is 5-8 or more years. If the street lamp is used for more than this time period, it needs to be replaced.

  • 3.The solar photovoltaic panel is too dirty or damaged

The main function of solar photovoltaic panels is to convert light energy into electrical energy. Solar cells are exposed to the outside for a long time, especially in the middle of a lot of sand and dust, which is easy to accumulate dust. Due to the amount of discharge, the lighting time is shortened.

If you find that the solar street light is on for a short time, you may wish to check through the above aspects.

The above is the introduction of how to extend the lighting time of solar street lights introduced by HOLSO. You can refer to it. In the later period, we will continue to update you with more information about solar street lights. You can pay attention to us at any time, or you can call us directly if you have any questions.

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