What Are The Commonly Used Solar Garden Lights?

To create a courtyard night scene atmosphere, what are the commonly used courtyard solar garden lights?

The courtyard is a place for people to relax, walk and entertain. A good courtyard atmosphere is more conducive to improving people’s play experience. The effect of courtyard night atmosphere is realized by using courtyard lighting fixtures and lighting design. Garden solar lights are common lamps for garden lighting. The color of the lights and the appearance of the lamps are usually highly decorative and ornamental. So, to create a warm and romantic courtyard night scene atmosphere, what are the commonly used solar garden lights?

solar garden light1

  1. Solar string lights. It can usually be hung on trees, eaves, stairs or fences, used for decoration, embellishing courtyards to create a romantic atmosphere.
  2. Solar light strip. Installed on the eaves, the lower edge of the steps, the footpath platform, the fence fence, the swimming pool or the pool side, it has the effect of rendering the courtyard atmosphere and enriching the building outline.solar string light11 1
  3. Solar lawn lamp. It is usually installed on both sides of the lawn and on both sides of the entrance for lighting and atmosphere.
  4. Solar column headlights. Usually installed on the wall column, the gate column head, can create a warm and romantic atmosphere.solar garden light2
  5. Solar waterscape lights. Installed next to the pool or under the pool, combined with the pool through lights, the underwater visual level is increased and a good visual effect is produced.
  6. Solar spotlights. Usually installed under trees or flowers or stones, the plants can be decorated with lights to shape the color, texture and tree shape of the plants.solar garden light3
  7. Solar plug-in lamp. Plug and play, it can be set up under lawn or flat buildings, with the effect of decorating courtyards and providing security lighting.
  8.  Solar wall lamp. Installed on the exterior walls of courtyard gardens, balconies, and terraces, it can decorate the coolness of the wall building and provide lighting for the courtyard.

As everyone pays more attention to shaping the courtyard’s nighttime atmosphere, the types and styles of solar garden lights on the market are becoming more and more abundant. In order to better meet the needs of consumers’ courtyard decoration and management convenience, SOLARAXY focuses on intelligent courtyard lighting, and develops and designs intelligent solar lights, which are controlled by mobile APP, and can adjust brightness, color temperature, RGB color, timing, Switch, delay, group management and scene setting, etc., combined with the gateway can also realize remote control, manage lights, and improve management efficiency.

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