What Are The Precautions For The Installation Of Solar Street Lights?

What are the precautions for the installation of solar street lights?

Solar street lights is very important for our life, because its energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics have been loved by many customers. Many solar street lamps are driven by solar energy, and solar panels are the main components to absorb sunlight. These panels charge rechargeable batteries, so what should you pay attention to when installing solar street lamps? Follow me today to find out.

1、Choose the frame material

Solar frame often use some steel, some properties of this kind of material is itself is not so good, want to ensure that its use effect, generally galvanizing is done in the processing, to improve its corrosion resistance, etc., but some manufacturers in order to save cost, solar street lamps will use cold galvanization processing, processing of plating time, this way when installation should pay attention to what the panels are negative, If it’s connected incorrectly, the panel won’t work, it won’t charge, the controller’s lights won’t go on, and it could even burn out the diodes. In addition, the wire should be as short as possible to reduce the internal resistance of the line. In addition, the environmental temperature needs to be considered. When installing, the temperature parameters of the wire should be left according to the temperature.

solar panel

2、Install lightning protection device

Installation of panels, conditional need to pay attention to the installation of lightning protection device, especially some thunderstorm days more cities, all in one solar street lights after being struck by lightning, it is easy to produce over voltage and over current, of course, this situation is very few, according to the actual and cost of choice.

solar lights for yard

3、Make clear the components of positive and negative poles

When installing, we should pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the panel, and pay attention to the polarity can not be connected wrong. If it is connected wrong, the solar street light outdoor can not work normally, and may even cause damage to the street lamp.In addition, the wire should be as short as possible, reduce the internal resistance of the line, connect firmly, do not increase the contact resistance, so that the work efficiency will be higher.

solar street light11

4、Don’t wear metal jewelry

Finally, when installing the panel, it is best not to wear metal accessories, to avoid direct contact with the positive and negative poles of the panel metal, there may be a short circuit, serious fire, explosion and other situations.

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