What is a solar fan?

What is a solar fan?  With the development of new energy, solar energy, as one of them, plays an important role. The application of solar energy is becoming more and more extensive, and even solar fans have extended into many different categories, including solar fan for greenhouse, solar fan for shed, solar fan for cars, solar fan ceiling, solar fan for camping, hat solar fan, solar fan for chicken coop, dog house solar fans, rechargeable solar fans and more.

Next, we will introduce several popular solar fans.


What is a solar fanWhat is a solar fanSolar Fan For Greenhouse

Greenhouse traditionally used fans known as exhaust fans or negative pressure fans. The fan is arranged on one side of the greenhouse. Negative pressure is generated during operation, and the atmospheric air is pumped into the air outlet on the opposite side, and then discharged from the inside of the greenhouse. The operation of this fan draws in outside air and, of course, causes the flow of internal air.

The internal circulating fan works by inhaling from the rear and exhaling from the front, so it can be hung inside the greenhouse for ventilation. When the fan moves, the air flows inside the fan but does not introduce external air. Therefore, the internal temperature is not affected.

According to the above discussion, the internal circulating fan can be used for ventilation in the greenhouse without affecting the internal temperature. Therefore, the original temperature control can be extended to four stages.


What is a solar fanSolar Fan For Cars

Several advantages of car solar fans: 1. Detoxification: the high temperature in the car will release 20 times of harmful gases including toluene; Cooling down: You no longer feel hot when you first enter the car; 4. Health: Air convection is good for health, allowing you and your family to enjoy a non-toxic and harmless driving environment; 5. Safety: The electrical and electronic products in the car will Its performance and service life will be affected by high temperature; 6. Energy saving: With it, your car will be cool and fuel-efficient; 7. Convenience: It can be installed by yourself without drilling holes, small size, and no noise; 8. Practical : It can be used with confidence all year round;


What is a solar fanWhat is a solar fanHat Solar Fan

The name of the modern hat category, a hat with a peculiar function, also known as a solar wind cooling hat, is a solar-powered miniature fan installed in the hat. , and then discharged from the bottom of the cap, the hot and cold air circulates, so that the sweat on the head evaporates, so it is very cool.

Th    e solar fan hat has the following advantages:

  1. Using high-quality flexible silicon solar panels, the one-time input cost can be used for more than 10 years without failure (except for human beings);
  2. Green and environmentally friendly, no batteries are required; while other air-cooled hats have been used for less than a year, if batteries are used, the cost is estimated to be more than 100 yuan, and the embarrassment of running out of electricity is often encountered, and the battery must be replaced before it can be used;
  3. Can withstand wind and rain; and other hats, no matter what, can’t do it in this regard.
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