What is the principle of the foot switch?

What is the principle of the foot switch1Now, basically everything around us has a switch. The most common home of each of us will have electrical switches, which are generally controlled by hand. But in some important jobs, we may not be allowed to use hands to control, because in high-risk situations, our hands are not convenient to control, so what should we do? We humans are very smart, since we can’t use our hands, Then let’s try to use our feet. Under the research of experts, we now have foot switches and foot switches on the market. Such switches are for the convenience of us humans. The surface of the foot switch is composed of insulators, and there is no special reason to prevent people from getting electric shock when they control the switch. The same is true for the inside of the foot switch. In many ways, the metal wires are wrapped in case of electric shock.

What is the principle of the foot switch1 There are two types of foot switches, one is a mechanical foot switch and the other is an inductive one. The mechanical foot switch, as the name implies, is to be controlled by direct contact with the human foot, and the inductive type is generally electromagnetic induction, which controls the switch through the flow of current.

Such switches are often used in cars in our daily life. It is the brake pedal, which controls the forward movement of the car by stepping on the foot switch with the foot.

In addition to being in automobiles, there are also some important fields where such foot switches are used, including medical facilities, textile equipment, welding equipment, etc. Take a medical facility as an example. When a doctor performs an operation on a patient, it is a matter of considerable responsibility. In this case, the doctor’s hands are already focused on the operation of the patient, how can he distract his attention to What is the principle of the foot switch1control the switch of the instrument? In this way, only such a foot switch can be used, so that the doctor can concentrate on the operation while doing it with ease. Use your feet to control the instruments so that the entire surgical procedure can be carried out flawlessly.

Because of the wide range of fields involved, there are many different types of foot switches. There are big and small, and in the design of precision instruments, it must be foolproof, so there are about 10 kinds of foot switches. However, equipment in different fields has different requirements for foot switches, so the prices are also different.

Like an ordinary machine, the required foot switch is a relatively common material, and the price is relatively low, ranging from a few yuan to a dozen yuan. But if it is a high-voltage machine, it may use a well-designed foot switch, and it is not uncommon to have a value of 10,000 yuan. With the continuous development of modernization, people try to use machines to free their hands, and naturally there are more and more fields that require foot switches. However, in the production of such a foot switch, the design and production must be excellent, otherwise it may not only cause damage to the operation of the machine, but also may cause harm to people. In this regard, I believe that our country will focus on research in the future to achieve better quality.


The foot switch belongs to a type of switch. It is mainly used to operate the circuit by stepping on the foot. Can it also control the size of the current? Most of us have never touched the foot switch. Because the foot switch is mainly used in medical equipment and stamping equipment. Next, the principle of the foot switch is introduced.

What is the principle of the foot switchqThe principle of the foot switch

The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. It is used in the control circuit that cannot be touched by both hands to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation. A simple foot switch is actually a built-in travel switch. When the foot pedal gives a signal, the switch is executed. But in the field of welding, the function of the foot switch also plays the role of controlling the output current.

This type of foot switch can also be divided into two categories: one, mechanical foot switch; two, inductive foot switch. The mechanical foot switch is a traditional rack and pinion drive, and the induction type is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Foot switch HRF-M series, HRF-H series has H type (15A/250V opening and closing capacity) and M type (10A/250V opening and closing capacity) in terms of structure and function. Steel plate, aluminum alloy.

Foot switch features

  1. The surface is spray-coated with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance (180 degrees).
  2. There is a cable head at the lead-out part of the cable, so the waterproof, oil-proof and impact-proof effects are outstanding.
  3. The standard configuration of cable lead-out length is 2 meters, M type is 0.5 square meters; H type is 0.75 square meters.
  4. The built-in micro switch has obtained UL, VDE, TUV, CE, CCC certification.
  5. The built-in micro switch contacts are plated with 24K gold.
  6. “H” type achieves IP65 protection level.
  7. All models have passed CE certification and obtained China product safety CCC certification.


What is the principle of the foot switch What is the principle of the foot switchThree-position Foot Switch

This product is a photoelectric mute three-position foot switch, which can be used in the game:

1. It can replace any three keys in the game. 2. Can three sets of shortcut keys. 3. It can realize one-click combo in the game. 4. Become a game master.

This three-position foot switch is compatible with multiple systems, windows, macOS, Android, Linux. This product provides button definition setting software based on Windows system, which can be used for various systems after setting.

What is the principle of the foot switchWhat is the principle of the foot switchThis product can also be used in a variety of scenarios, teaching ppt page turning, office, hospital image collection, customer service quick reply, game one-click combo, industrial equipment control, etc.

The interface type adopts the USB interface, the switch type adopts the photoelectric switch, and the USB cable is 2 meters long.




Foot switch precautions
  1. According to the nature of the load and the current value, please pay attention to the rated load of the product.
  2. When handling and moving, please pay attention to the occurrence of short circuit and open circuit in the internal wiring.
  3. Please pay attention to the protection level of the product when using it in places with a lot of water, oil, dust, etc.
  4. Heavy pressure and impact are the direct causes of product damage, please be careful when using it.

The above is an introduction to the principle, characteristics and precautions of the foot switch. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the foot switch. Because the foot switch mainly controls the circuit, it is still necessary to pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and pay attention to fireproof and waterproof around the use.

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