What is the reason that the microcomputer time switch is not displayed?

The microcomputer time switch does not display, what is the reason?

Many people know time control switch, but do you know microcomputer time control switch? Microcomputers are different from household computers but have something in common. It is a single chip microprocessor as the core, it has high-end functions can control the latitude and longitude, and can be day or week cycle and many periods of time, its high precision, with industrial chips, and strong anti-interference ability, then lead you to understand the microcomputer time control switch, and no display phenomenon.

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Microcomputer time control switch is a single chip microprocessor as the core with electronic circuits and other components of a power switch control device, can be day or week cycle and multi-time control of home appliances open and close. Time setting from 1 second to 168 hours, 1-4 groups can be set daily, and there are multiple control functions. Once set for a long time. It is suitable for automatic control of various industrial appliances and household appliances, which is safe, convenient and economical. Output current can be 10-25A, can normally control 2200W to more high-power electrical work. It can also be combined with relays and contactors to control other kinds of high-power power equipment.

Here we say microcomputer time switch common several troubleshooting:

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1. When the set time is reached, the time control switch does not open automatically

If you confirm that the setting time and status meet the requirements, the setting sequence of automatic status is not correct. KG316T computer time control switch in press “automatic/manual” key to set “on, automatic, off” conversion sequence is reciprocating transformation type, not cyclic mode. When setting as automatic mode, the triangle arrow indicating the state should be first converted from the position corresponding to the state at that time to the “automatic” position.

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2. The power indicator is off, and the switch does not move

Disconnect the time control switch from the mains and check whether the mains input terminal has a resistance value of about 2.4K. This is the primary winding resistance value of the 12V transformer. It varies greatly with the wire diameter and turns of the transformer. If the input end is open, check whether the 0.5A fuse is burned off. If the transformer is damaged, it is necessary to replace the 12V transformer with a small volume difference. Transformer rectifier output voltage is measured at about 15V in the release state of the relay, and it drops to about 12V after the relay is closed.

3. After being used or placed for a long time, the LCD displays light or no characters when the mains is not connected

This is caused by low power or failure of the attached batteries, and two no.5 high-performance batteries need to be replaced. Be careful not to replace with a rechargeable battery because the rechargeable battery voltage is too low.

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4. Time control switch is constantly off

This fault is caused by Q1 and Q2 short-circuit damage.

Can be found after the common 2S8050 transistor replacement, Q1 can also be used 9013 ordinary low-power NPN tube replacement. When replacing the damaged relay, the load size should be considered. It is better to replace the relay with the same model. When the time control switch works normally, the measured voltage at key points of the circuit is marked in Figure 1, and the voltage value when the relay is released (off) is in parentheses.

Microcomputer space-time switch through the control of time to start or close, that is to say, time on time off. Time automatically, need not rely on our own manual to shut down, more convenience to our life, and convenient for some casual users, in particular, to the closing time but forget, microcomputer space-time switch can solve these problems, the microcomputer control switch did not show the problem also explain the above, hope useful for everyone.

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