what LED solar lights are best?

What LED solar lights are best? As a new favorite of the lamp industry, solar lamp is not only the spokesman of environmental protection, but also reflects the latest trend of solar energy technology. But the solar light market is mixed, consumers will inevitably be dazzled when choosing, accidentally touch the trap, spend money but also suffer.
what LED solar lights for fence are light

In this case, how to choose the brand of solar lamp? What solar lamps do you recommend?

Next, we will tell you how to choose the brand of solar lamp through the analysis of HOLSO solar light.

Choose the LED solar light brand mainly depends on the following points:

1.The strength of manufacturers

Some people may ask, IF I just buy a LED light, what’s the relationship with the manufacturer?

In fact, the strength of the manufacturer directly determines the quality and technological content of the product. Manufacturers have technology, can be reflected in the product; Manufacturers have advanced production lines and a responsible attitude to ensure the quality of products.

For solar lights, expertise is important. Maybe we will see some big brands in the market, but in fact they are not professional solar lights, just do the brand authorization, say popular point is “labeling”, its product quality and technological content is difficult to guarantee.

2.Product data

Product data is also the choice of solar light brand must pay attention to, choose solar light mainly see the following points:

  • Charging Efficiency

The charging efficiency of solar lights is mainly determined by the solar panels.The solar panel materials on the market mainly include monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon, and the energy conversion rate decreases successively. However, due to various reasons such as process and technology, the actual product should not only be based on the material, but on its charging efficiency. HOLSO’s solar street light, for example, uses high-efficiency polysilicon panels, which have an 18% energy conversion rate and a guaranteed charging efficiency.

  • The Lights On Time

The e length of the solar light depends on the capacity of the battery, the same wattage, the larger the capacity of the solar light battery, the longer the length of the light.Different power of the solar light battery capacity is not the same, can be calculated by the following formula to the full power of the solar lamp lamp time.

Theoretical light on time = battery power/(lamp power/lamp voltage)

Of course, the length of the light should also consider the intensity of light, weather and other factors. The HOLSO solar light lasts for 6-12 hours, enough to cover dark hours. This flagpole type garden light can keep customers’ yards and fences bright at all times.

what LED flagpole type garden lights are best

  • Battery Durability

Solar lamps work by converting solar energy into electricity during the day through solar panels and storing it in batteries. However, the characteristics of the battery determine that the capacity of the battery will decrease as the number of times of use increases.There are some solar lamps on the market with low prices and seemingly good quality. The batteries used by manufacturers to save costs are the batteries of new energy vehicles retired. Because they have been lost for a period of time, their durability is greatly reduced.The HOLSO solar lamp uses a new lithium iron phosphate battery, which has a large capacity, low loss and high durability, thus ensuring that the solar lamp stays on for a long time.

  • Lighting Levels

Due to the lack of industry standards, the wattage of solar lamps on the market is often falsely marked, leading to the purchase of lights brightness is far from the expected. So when you buy a LED solar light, you can not only look at the nominal wattage, but also look at the charging efficiency of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery, whether it can match the nominal wattage. If too much difference is a lot of false labels. The HOLSO solar lamp with the same wattage has a more efficient solar panel and a larger battery capacity than the virtual standard light, which actually achieves the brightness users want. In addition, the brightness of the light is also related to the lamp bead used. HOLSO solar lamp uses imported high performance LED lamp to ensure that under the same wattage, you can get brighter lighting effect.

Of course, the choice of solar light brand but also pay attention to the brand after-sales, wind rating and other information, these need to be found by the user.

To sum up, when choosing to buy solar lights, we should not only look at the brand awareness, but also need to consider many aspects, and have a certain understanding of the strength of the manufacturer, so as to find their own practical and durable solar lamp

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