Why buy a solar fan?

Why buy a solar fan? Today, I will introduce the highlights of solar fans to you. Why buy a solar fan

Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel


Polycrystalline silicon solar cells have the advantages of high conversion efficiency and long life of monocrystalline silicon cells and relatively simplified material preparation process of amorphous silicon thin film cells. The conversion efficiency is generally about 12%, slightly lower than that of monocrystalline silicon cells. Solar cells, which do not have significant efficiency degradation problems and are likely to be fabricated on inexpensive substrate materials, cost far less than single-crystalline silicon cells and are more efficient than amorphous silicon thin-film cells.

  1. Good light transmittance and low cost: The main body of the polycrystalline silicon solar cell is made of tempered glass, and the light transmittance is very good, which can reach more than 91%. If it encounters strong light, the light transmittance can even reach 100%, which is the best material for the light transmittance of solar panels on the market. Secondly, the overall cost of purchasing this kind of polycrystalline silicon solar power generation equipment is relatively low, and it is also very cost-effective to operate in the later stage. The only disadvantage is that in a low-light environment, the photoelectric conversion rate will be relatively poor, which will consume a lot of batteries.

Why buy a solar fanLow cost polysilicon solar panels


  1. Good sealing: The biggest difference between polycrystalline silicon solar cells and other thin-film solar cells is that they use silica gel as the sealing component and aluminum alloy frame, replacing the double-sided tape or foam, and become the latest technology. Sealing material. Silicone has good sealing performance, simple and convenient process, very low cost, green and environmental protection, and is very suitable for solar cells.


  1. Wide range of applications: This polycrystalline silicon solar cell is very convenient to install, and the ability to absorb strong light is also very strong. Therefore, even in remote areas such as plateaus or islands, such solar panels can be installed to meet the residents’ living electricity problems. In addition, many batteries of new energy vehicles have begun to use polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and the battery life can reach 20 kilometers, which can be said to be a very good energy alternative.


Why buy a solar fanWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries?


The advantages of ternary lithium batteries are: smaller size, higher capacity density, low temperature resistance, better cycle performance, and are the mainstream of new energy passenger vehicles. Disadvantages: poor thermal stability, it will decompose at 250-300 ° C, and the chemical reaction of ternary lithium materials is particularly strong. Once the oxygen molecules are released, the electrolyte will burn rapidly under the action of high temperature, and then deflagration occurs.


Ternary lithium battery, also known as “ternary lithium polymer”, refers to a lithium battery with nickel cobalt manganate or nickel cobalt aluminate as the positive electrode material. Ternary lithium batteries are widely used in new energy vehicles due to their smaller size, higher capacity density, and low temperature resistance. For example, the well-known Tesla, all its models use ternary lithium batteries. Theoretically, the life of a ternary lithium battery is 2000 charge-discharge cycles, and if we count it as one charge a day, it can last for more than five years. However, in practice, there is a difference between use and theory. If you perform 1000 cycles of charge and discharge, in fact, the ternary lithium battery has been attenuated by 50%, which means that it can only run half of the original mileage after being fully charged. So how to avoid this situation? Charge it when you use it, and recharge it when it runs out. In addition, an excellent battery management system can also slow down the decay of ternary lithium batteries.


Why buy a solar fanThe benefits of night light

  1. Lighting

Some people are very afraid of the dark once at night, or use the night light when they need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, which is very suitable and convenient for lighting.

  1. Decorative effect

At present, there are various styles, colors, materials and prices of night lights on the market. Usually, their appearance is very delicate, beautiful, cute, delicate and small, and they are especially delicate when placed at home. They can be directly used as decorations, and there are many more. Everyone loves the night light.

  1. Mosquito repellent

At the same time, the night light also has a multi-purpose function. You can add incense essential oil to immediately become a fragrance lamp. If you add some mosquito repellent essential oil or mosquito repellent liquid, it will directly achieve an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent lamp, which can directly It can effectively achieve the role of non-toxic mosquito repellent, and then add some vinegar, which can help us achieve indoor disinfection and sterilization, and can also purify indoor air.

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