Zero Electricity Bill! Easy to Install! The First Choice for Solar Flood Lights

Zero electricity bill! Easy to install! The first choice for solar flood lights

With the increasingly prominent global environmental problems, the country pays more and more attention to clean energy. Solar lights do not consume electricity, are easy to install, and can benefit from long-term benefits with only one investment, and are widely used in various scenarios.

flood light In addition to roadside lighting, solar flood lights can be seen in planting and breeding greenhouses, stadiums, courtyards, campuses and other places. Miniaturized, beautiful and intelligent, with the maturity of technology, there are more and more types of solar flood lights, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. The original 50 RMB per watt photovoltaic panel can now be bought for about 3 RMB, not only most engineering projects will also give priority to solar flood lights, ordinary people have also begun to use wall-mounted solar flood lights with intelligent induction for lighting.

solar light For most people, solar flood lights are still a new thing, and they don’t know much about them. The following will introduce you to the aspects of buying an affordable solar flood light!

solar flood light10

1. Battery life

The battery life is very important, which is related to the use time of the solar flood lights and the usage in rainy weather, as well as the power storage capacity of the battery.


2. Heat dissipation capacity

As a night lighting tool, solar flood lights often work for nine to ten hours at a time. When working for a long time, the temperature near the lampshade is very high. If the heat dissipation effect is not good, the probability of street lamps burning out is very high.

3. Waterproof


The most important purpose of waterproofing is to prevent leakage, especially in continuous rainy weather, the waterproof performance must pass the test

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